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The Purist Fleshlight Review:  An Absolute Winner!


My Fleshlight Review:  in my previous post about using Fleshlights, I didn't talk about my favorite model.  As I mentioned, I have two; the original that is 18 or 19 years old; and the "pure" or "purist" (both names are used).  The Original has the vaginal front and a smooth canal; the purist has a round, very non-descript opening and a super-wavy tunnel.

Needless to say, these two toys provide two very different sensations! 

But, at the risk of sounding like a loveworks.com broken record, the way to use a Fleshlight is HANDS FREE.  Don't hold it or use your hands to make it go up and down!  Guys tend to have sex at a different speed and furor than trying to cum with a toy.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this Purist Fleshlight Review.

First, lets talk about the opening.  It is a round hole, like a donut with pink icing glaze.  But that is ok with me — I put the toy in a position where I can have sex with it; I don't see the opening once I have entered.  And I like this round opening better than the previous "non-descript" openings that were provided.  If you plan to lick your toy, or you need the visual, then don't choose the purist.  Hey, I'm not judging, just stating a fact.

I consider this toy and opening to be "gender neutral" and "body part neutral".  It is not a pussy; not an asshole; not a mouth; it is male or female depending on what you want it to be.

Second, the feel of the tunnel.  The tunnel … OMG … the tunnel.  The texture goes all the way to the opening, providing increased stimulation.  The ribs are, well, "pointed" and produce strong sensations.  The tunnel loveworks.com gets more tight the deeper you stroke, which increases the stimulation and sensations to your glans or "the head of your cock".

It is a very pleasurable stroke.  With the canal feeling as though it is opening and closing, the build-up is quite strong.  It is really difficult to describe as I write this — because the ribs feel as though they are gripping your dick even more as your stroke begins to build.  I think another reviewer had it right when he said that as you stroke, you experience a "soft & wide" area and then an "intense & tight" section, the constant changes making your orgasm easier to obtain.

When you reach orgasm, the power is intense, because it is a build-up that isn't what you expect.  Don't misunderstand, it isn't painful .. it is quite pleasurable!  But stroking through the orgasm is difficult, as the ribs are right there, wrapped around your cock, and threatening to squeeze every drop out of you if you move.  I have to wait for a few seconds after the initial wave of orgasm before I can move again, and even then, the strokes are slow, and small.

Some guys will thoroughly love the intensity of forcing their strokes through orgasm.  I can't handle it — it is too intense.  I have to let those initial waves subside before I can move!  And because I am writing a Fleshlight review, I want to use the toy again — just to make sure I didn't miss anything. 

Third, the amount of lube.  I find that I don't use as much lube with the pure — I squeeze a few quick pumps of either Gun Oil or Swiss Navy (preferred) and then lube my cock the same as if I were with a partner.  As I enter, the Pure grabs my cock and is immediately ready.

Fourth, cleanup.  To me, cleanup with a Fleshlight isn't worth discussing.  All Fleshlights clean up easily.  I stick both thumbs in the opening, spread it slightly and run water through it.  I flip it over and do the same.  I clean the rear cover of the case, as it has often caught either cum or lube.  Then I put it all on a towel and let it dry.  After every few cleanings, I sprinkle and rub baby powder on the insert to keep it from feeling "sticky" — a feeling that tells you that your toy needs powder.

Other comments.  Some guys leave the end-cap or cover very loose to allow more air flow and less suction.  I'm the opposite — as I close the rear cover tight.  Unfortunately, there is a discussion that guys who have fat cocks don't enjoy the Fleshlight if the cover is closed tight.  Well, lets just say I keep mine tightly closed and move on!

I think the orgasm is intense; unbelievable.  The pure "pulls" the orgasm out of you and it is an amazing feeling.  You might find yourself saying things just as you would with a partner — then laughing at yourself afterwards.

I was asked in the store once about how "realistic" the Fleshlight is to a real pussy.  My answer was honest, but shocking to the customer.  I said "I don't care about how "realistic" the feeling is.  All I care about is having a great cum and in the least amount of time."

I was also told that I should look into the super-ribbed.  In looking at the pictures, I can see that the super-ribbed has a lot more ribs, with exact spacing between them.  Look again at the pure — the ribs are different sizes, and the spacing is different, creating different feelings during strokes.

As I wrote about previously in another fleshlight review, there are dozens of ways to use the fleshlight hands-free, from expensive to creative.  As I was talking about writing this review to my staff, one of them piped up "bungee cords".  I looked at her and she continued — "Bungee cords will let you strap the Fleshlight to almost anything and then easily take it all loveworks.com down when finished."  And she is right.  For guys who like standing sex, strap your toy to the top of a stool, or the pedestal sink in your bathroom.

For me however, I still want to have my toy being held by a pillow, with another pillow on top, so I can pump it like I would a partner.  Add porn playing on the computer in front, and I have a romantic orgasmic night ahead of me.  

PS:  Liberator does make two nice mounts — "On a mission" and "Two Play" that are great for hands free sex with your toy, as long as you are willing to spring for Liberator's prices.  I'm still interested in a doll that will hold my toy, but where am I going to store it?

I love the fleshlight and I don't mind "researching" to get a new fleshlight review post online … but I really like the purist.  It is sad, but when I find something I like, I rarely even look at other toys!


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  • Seth

    If you're not 100% about picking one of these up like I was, it's a thoroughly enjoyable product. There isn't a comparable product for the price besides the Tenga line, which I have heard a lot of negative things about Tenga. Their non-disposable products are usually twice the price. However, if you're expecting an experience comparable to intercourse, you simply can't find it in a sex toy. That being said, it's a fun distraction with minimum problems. The price for me was pretty decent. The original insert simply lacks the stimulation I'm looking for. I have since found a much better insert. They have some that are molded from porn stars, mouths, vaginas and butt holes. I have found from experience that the porn star inserts are much more tighter and all around feel much better. When you're single, why settle for a calloused hand to satisfy your sexual needs? Why not pursue a way to make something you think about doing almost every moment of the day a little more enjoyable? The orgasms are longer and more intense than anything a mere hand can induce. Surprisingly, it's easy to clean and keep soft. It's the pleasure of a woman without the bickering and the nagging (sorry ladies) and you're the only one who has to be in the mood! Need I say more?

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