Should You Wax or Shave For Better Sexual Health

shave or wax coochy cream

There are two questions that most people consider in their battle with undesirable hair growth on their bodies: should they wax or shave. There is no end to the arguments in sight, both sides having their own reasons and their own very strongly voiced opinions in favor of one or the other. Both ways of removing hair are completely common but […]

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Female Breast

female breast

The female breast has been an area of the body to receive some heightened attention from the male side of the population. Cosmetic surgeries to promote breast size has been increasingly popular and one of the most common way for women to enlarge their breasts. And all because many men find the female breast particularly alluring and quite often they cannot even […]

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18th Century Phallus Found – No Premature Withdrawal Here!

ancient phallus pennis

Archeologist Withdraws 18th Century Phallus Archeologists found a very unique treasure during a dig in Gdansk Poland.  While researching the contents of a very old restroom, they found a slimy phallus shaped (wiki) dildo from the 18th century.   This pennis dildo is like no other and is described by the Regional Office Director at the Protection of Monuments as, “large, thick, […]

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Wedding Sex Rituals: Sex While Wedding Party Watches!

wedding sex rituals exhibitionists in china

Surely, China will be the last place you’ll find surprises hard to come by. There are a thousand ways a wedding ceremony can become weird, but trust me, not the way I am about to tell you. Wedding sex rituals aren’t uncommon around the world. It is not unusual to think about sex during a wedding ceremony, it is usually […]

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Hackers Online: Stay Away From My Sextoys!

online hackers online of sextoys and company servers

Nothing Sexy About Your Sex Toy Getting Hacked   You May Not Be Playing Alone—Beware the Sex Toy Hackers Online!   “Please me with your code!”  Could possibly be screamed by some techie lover!  Computers are necessary in today’s life, and they control more than a person can even comprehend.  There are things like vehicles, that can be hacked and controlled from […]

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Crave Vesper: Public Display of Sex Toys?

crave vesper vibrator

Crave Vesper:  Accessorize With Vibrators No, this is not a "Vespa".  A Vespa is a small motorcycle or scooter.  You ride the Vespa, but you don't ride the Vesper. You’re getting dressed up to go out on the town.   You look in the mirror and realize something is missing!  You grab your vibrator and throw it around your neck and […]

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KS Dept of Revenue Sells Sex Toys

sex toys for sale by KS Dept of Revenue Sells Sex Toys

KS Dept of Revenue Sells Dildos to repay taxes!   There is no need to worry about the $200M deficit that the state of Kansas has acquired.   The debts kept rising when Governor Sam Brownback created seriously large tax cuts.    These tax cuts lead the governor to find a solution to the problem.  Brownback decided to solve the problem by […]

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