Have You Lost The Sparkle?


If there is no sparkle between the partners in the bed, it could be a serious issue in the relationship. These 3 ways will help you improve the intimacy between partners in the bedroom. The first thing that must be improved in your relationship is communication. There are many partners who have not shared their sexual fantasies. Sometimes they feel […]

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To Trinity Lutheran School of Racine Wisconsin

trinity lutheran sextoy

March 25, 2017 To:  Principal Pamela Amling, Trinity Lutheran, Racine To:  Pastor (or Reverend) David Gehne, Trinity Lutheran, Racine   THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU. LoveWorks has been in the sexual wellness business for more than 25 years.  We continue to see the names and the descriptions of the products we sell and their acceptance become more and more mainstream, […]

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I Want Sex But I Dislike All Condoms

all condoms

Having sex should be an enjoyable experience for both women and men, but all condoms get in the way of having a best time; and this can truly put a damper on the experience. Many men experience loss of sensitivity and other worries when using a condom. Why you need condoms The primary thing you need to remember is that all condoms not only […]

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I Learned Sex From Sex In The City

sex in the city sex ed

If you’re an only child, you’re kind of stuck relying on strangers or school teaching you about your body and sex.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have really cool and proactive parents, they often don’t approach you to talk about the “birds and the bees” until it’s too late and it’s usually not very useful anyway.  Mature conversations and descriptions […]

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