Pegging – the Art of the Strapon

pegging harness from sportsheets

If you are reading this review, chances are that you already know what pegging refers to. For those who don’t a quick introduction is in order.  Once upon a time, many acts of love were considered “taboo”.  Oral sex, in the time of our grandparents, was considered a forbidden activity.  Something not to be spoken about by “nice” girls.  Certainly not by men.  It did occur, but it wasn’t talked about.  

Not too long ago a former U.S.  President claimed that oral sex doesn’t even count as sex!  Today references to oral sex are everywhere and have become commonplace.   Anal play has become a mainstream activity for couples during sex or during masturbation.  BDSM, fetishes, sex toys, masturbation, roll playing, and yes, "pegging" are now all very common and accepted sex acts. 

It seems that we are in an era where, literally, anything goes regarding people's love-lives.  Many subjects that were once “restricted” are now spoken about openly and frankly, with no shame or embarrassment.  

So we come to pegging.  Ten years ago, I did not know what pegging was.  Now, this has become so commonplace that the LoveWorks Adult Store has an entire product section devoted solely to pegging. 

In a nut shell, pegging is the act of using your favorite dildo along with a harness (stay with me!) to penetrate your partner, either anally or vaginally, perhaps orally.  I think the ladies are way ahead of men on this one, but either sex can wear a dildo and harness to use with their partner. sexual pegging

[EDITOR:  Some other helpful definitions:  From "Wikipedia" — "Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man by penetrating the man's anus with a strap-on dildo."  And from Urban Dictionary, "Pegging is not a gay thing whatsoever. No matter how you take it apart and put it back together, it is still sex between a man and a woman."]

Strap on pegging is as intimate an act as you can get.  Being penetrated by your lover demands a high level of trust and comfort, no matter what the gender.  The feeling of giving yourself to your partner, or the feeling of your lover “taking” you is very personal and very exciting.   If this is new to you, some additional research on pegging may be in order.  Go Google this if you want, I’ll wait…

Back so soon?  Ok then!  What do you need for pegging strap on play?  The elements are simple. 

Once you and your partner(s) have decided that this is something you would like to try, it is only a matter of choosing a favorite dildo and acquiring a harness to wear to hold the toy. 

Sexual play with a dildo or vibrator can be very pleasurable, but having to bend over or lie down and being fucked by your partner brings anal (or vaginal or oral) play to a whole new level.  Being ready for this, and having a favorite dildo or vibrator, how does one choose a harness to use? learning to peg

The choices are myriad and confusing.  The prices go from very inexpensive to kinda costly.  As in all areas of life, you get what you pay for, nothing more and nothing less.  We have today for your consideration the Sportsheets Red Lace Corsette Strap-On. 

Sportsheets is a manufacturer of bedroom toys who I trust and admire.  I have used their products previously and have found them to be of superior quality and affordability and they perform exactly as they are advertised.  Let’s see if this item lives up to their pegging harness by sportsheets

The Red Lace Corsette Strap-On harness by Sportsheets comes in a sturdy display box.  On the front, it has a very appealing picture of a lady whose bottom is framed by the harness.  The pictures clearly show the “corsette” style lacing on the back of the harness and the ring assembly on the front of the garment.    The harness is included, along with three different size rings to accommodate different size dildos or vibrators. 

The box itself would make an adequate storage container, but I think a small silk or linen or another cloth bag would better hold this.  It’s a little sexier, I think, kept in a fine drawstring sack. 

The ad copy on the box lists some of the features of this item; plush fabric, lace up corset style back (very hot!), adjustable to fit up to 60” hips, three rubber rings – 1.5”, 1.75” and 2” and that the garment is machine washable.  Probably gentle cycle! 

They also have a complete list of the materials that go into the manufacture of the pegging harness.  This is very important for people with allergies.  The listed components are:  Polyester, polypropylene, urethane foam, ABS plastic, nylon, kryptonite (just seeing if you’re paying attention!), nitrile, aluminum, brass, nickel free metal, and elastic (?).  Nothing in here that wouldn’t be found in most corset type garments.  

The Sportsheets Limited Lifetime Warranty is printed on the bottom of the box – if it shows up defective they will replace it. Normal wear and tear is not covered.  You do need your original receipt and purchase info, but that is about it.  It’s that simple.  The box also states that this article is made in the USA.    

The pegging harness itself is carefully made and a very sexy looking garment.  The red lace is very attractive and frames the wearer’s bottom beautifully.  My wife looks so sexy in this!  I get excited just writing about it. 

It is well made with tight, neat stitching and only a couple of dangly thread ends.  I really had to look for those. pegging harness retaining ring The fabrics are very soft, not scratchy or abrasive. 

The front part that holds the dildo and the panels in the back have a layer of foam padding inside for comfort.  There are also two red lace sleeves that slide along the waist straps to ease any pressure points on your hips. 

The ribbon in the back that laces up the two panels is really hot!!  This is what gives it the corset look.  This ribbon can be made tighter or loosened, depending on how you want your corset to look.  The straps are fully adjustable through the plastic buckle slides.  They can be very easily tightened or loosened. 

This pegging harness is a mid price item, but it has a lot of value.  We have other (way more expensive) harnesses that aren’t as comfortable as this to use and don’t support as wide a range of toy diameters. 

Straight out of the box it did take a few minutes to set this up.  The straps that hold the ring needed to be unsnapped and turned around to properly support the ring without any twisting in the strap.  Other than that it was ready to go. 

Red corsette pegging harness fits wellBecause the harness will accept a large range of hip sizes (up to 60”), by necessity the waist and leg straps are long.  If you are more petite you may want to trim the length of these.  My model (my lovely wife!), is in the middle size range and we didn’t think the extra strap length was an annoyance or detracts from the function of the harness.  It only took several minutes to adjust the straps to give the fit she needed. 

Once on and properly adjusted my wife immediately commented on how comfortable it was to wear.  Between the padding and the sliding sleeves, it was a very nice fit and feel for her.  She has had some soreness from using other pegging harnesses due to the lack of padding on the front.  If you really get into hammering your partner, you will appreciate this. 

I can’t say enough about how great this looked on my wife.  Just as a sexy garment it was really attractive.  Far more so than with a plain harness.  The ring on the front holds the dildo in place and switching out toys is aspegging dildo retaining rings simple as sliding the dildo out the back and slipping in a different choice.  With the included rings in three different sizes, this harness can handle a wide range of toy sizes. 

Changing rings is simple also – just undo the four snaps, put in the new ring, and snap ‘em back up.  The harness also features a place to slip in a mini vibrator – just in back of and slightly above where the dildo rides.  Right where your throbbing little clit would be.  Well, if you have one, I guess.  You get the idea. 

You would want a strong vibe if you used this feature because I am sure the harness material would dampen the vibrations.  May I suggest the We Vibe Tango, available from LoveWorks Adult stores.  This little guy packs a big, big, punch. 

pegging dildosWe used this harness with the three toys pictured.  While all three have different size bases, the 1.75” ring was easily able to firmly hold each dildo in place.  Between the three ring sizes that are included, I would guess that this harness would hold 90% of flared base dildos or vibrators that you are likely to encounter. 

It looks like the snaps on the harness could hold a ring as large as 3” diameter!  Pegging size queens (and kings) take note.   Please also note that this harness DOES NOT come with any dildo.  You have to supply your own.   

I should point out that there are two main types of harnesses available – flared base compatible and Vac-U-Loc.  The dildos for these two types are not interchangeable with each other.  I don’t have any experience with Vac-U-Loc, so I can’t say as to which is better.  I’m sure both styles have their fans. 

It does seem that there are many more available dildos and vibrators with the flared base for O-ring compatible harnesses than the Vac-U-Loc toys, but that may be just my limited experience. 

As noted earlier, our lovely and willing model really enjoyed the look and feel of wearing this harness and having a “cock” to play with.  It made her feel sexy and improved her confidence.  This ease and comfort in wearing this harness translated into her being very comfortable using this AND going all out. 

What a ride I got!  Of course, with us using this as a harness to hold an anal toy lots of lube was required.  This did result in some lube getting onto the harness itself.  Not to worry, as this is 100% machine washable.   Delicate cycle and/or a small mesh bag to wash this would be a good idea and I would suggest letting it drip dry.   

We use water based lubes with washable harnesses as these lubes usually wash out easily and completely.  Silicone lubes may stain the harness.  Crisco, vegetable oil, WD-40 or wheel bearing grease are all DEFINITELY going to stain.  Don’t use any of those, silly; get yourself a good water based lube.   Your body will corsette pegging harness by sport sheetsthank you.

Final verdict?  Sportsheets does it again!  Another winner in their line of bedroom products.  Not only was the Red Lace Corsette Strap-On Pegging Harness well made and versatile, but it was sexy and attractive and easy to use.  My wife loved pounding my bottom!  Wow!  It was far more fun for my wife than other harnesses we have used and she really got into it. 

She loved how it felt wearing it and how hot it made her look.  This is now our “go to” pegging harness!

LoveWorks Adult Stores carries these, and while it is a little more expensive than the cheapest harness available, it certainly performs as well or better than harnesses costing far more.  This would be a great first purchase for the strap on newcomer as well as for an established pegger.  

This pegging harness comes highly recommended!


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