Tantus Bend Over Strap On For Smiling Cheeks

bend over strap on harness kit

               I can not help but write another review on one of my favorite company's items. I absolutely adore Tantus! They make such amazing products out of the best quality material that is out there. Of course this is totally my opinion, but it is backed by facts . Their ultra premium silicone is one of a kind, and their signature material used for their products. All of their dongs are hand poured, handmade, so each one is unique in that sense. Tantus toys are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic.

               The ultra premium silicone is actually virgin silicone, so it is in it's purest form. They only melt it down strap on harness bend over kitone time for each dong, and never re-melt the excess for their adult toys. When you re-melt silicone over and over it changes the chemical build of it, and makes it a lesser quality each time, some companies will continue to melt and re-pour over and over. It isn't unsafe, but it isn't "virgin" anymore. (Funny how any sex toy can be considered virgin anything, but here they are.)

               Tantus dongs are all ridiculously easy to clean as well. Silicone at this grade is non pourus, but incredibly durable. To clean you can wash with soap and water, boil it, bleach it, and even pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Sounds a lot like the benefits from a glass toy, but just with more flexibility and comfort. Tantus believes in their products so much, they all come with a lifetime warranty through the company themselves. How amazing is that?

               OK, enough talking up the company as a whole, time to talk up their Bend Over Intermediate Harness bend over strap on harness kitKit. A great strap on kit, with options, and such a fun name. Included in the kit is the harness, two different sized “bend over” dongs, an o ring, and a bullet with battery included. How wonderful does that all sound?! I can tell you, it ends up being a lot cheaper most of the time, to buy a kit like this. Just one dong of this quality sometimes cost close to what the entire kit costs as a whole.

               The two bend over dongs are both super smooth. They are done in the "silky" finish Tantus offers, so they have a little bit of a shine to them. The dongs are actually identical in appearance, but vary in size. There is a medium which measure 1.1 inches wide and 5.25 inches long. I always say it is a step above a thumb, about twice as long, and a tad bit thicker. Regardless of how you plan to use the medium dong, it is still less intimidating. The large dong measures 1.5 inches wide and about 7 inches long. It is enough of a variation from the medium for you to notice, and continue being satisfied.

               The harness kit dongs are not designed to look realistic. These were made for both men and women in bend over kit strap on harness o ringmind. Some women do not want ANYTHING that looks realistic to be inserted inside of their bodies. And some men who want to try bend over pegging have the same thinking – nothing realistic. Therefore these are simple, torpedo shaped, not realistic, and come in purple or black. The dongs are also slightly curved to offer the most comfort. The curve fits nicely for slight g-spot stimulation or prostate stimulation.

                This bend over kit really is great for the intermediate user. For pegging it is the step above any introductory play, with two different dongs to choose from. So you are able to work up from one to the other, and have a couple toys to share with your partner.  If it is being used on a woman she can decide between which size she feels like that day. I know I have sold them to many lesbian couples when one woman prefers a smaller, when their partner prefers a larger one. It is also sold commonly to lesbian couple who are new with penetration, and unsure of what size they will desire. This kit is 100% safe to use for anal or vaginal use.

               The bend over harness itself is more comfortable than most. It is padded comfortably with a velvet like bend over o ring beginner strap on harness and dong kitmaterial, but does still have nylon straps. Sometimes nylon straps are less preferred, just because they can be irritating to the waistline while in use. However, nylon is still the most affordable and common.

               The " O ring" is what the dong base will sit into in order to hold the dong to the harness and make it a hands free, total thrusting experience. The kit includes one, but you can purchase others later to replace or change for a bigger size dong. The harness is a one-time purchase though. If you get bored with the dongs later on down the road, all you have to do is buy those new, and make sure you have an o ring that will fit the base. The harness in this bend over kit will fit up to a 60 inch waist, and is completely machine washable. Easy clean-up for everyone. ūüôā

               The bullet included is silver, and takes a 1.5 VN battery. One battery is included in the purchase. You just have to remove a piece of paper or plastic that is inside the bullet that blocks they toy from draining the battery while it sits on the shelf desperately waiting to be chosen for play. Tantus took it a step further with this hands free thing too. They built a pocket in the bend over harness that the bullet fits into perfectly. So there is stimulation for the person wearing the harness as well as for the person getting thrusted.  This is a small bullet but not a mini bullet

               The Bend Over Harness Kit is basically a win for anyone who wants to do any type of strap on play. It has always been one of our top rated, and has received the best in customer feedback. It is multi-purpose and fun adult toy for just about anyone.

bend over strapon kit harness and dongs

We also sell the BEGINNER KIT which has a smaller dong, great for first-time pegging.




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