This Double Penetration Cock Ring Hits The Spot

double penetration vibrating cock ring

I have covered several different couple sex toys in the past. We've discussed different types of cock rings, vibrators designed specifically for partners, etc. By now, if you are familiar with my reviews, or know me personally, you know I love to encourage vibrators to be used with your partner. I can find almost any way to make any sex toy a couple’s sex toy. However, some toys are easier than others to explain. The Double Penetration Cock Ring with bendable dildo is one of those obvious toys you look at, and have a very clear idea of how it is used as a couple’s sex toy.

               This couple’s sex toy is a vibrating cock ring, with an added dildo onto it. (Sounds amazing right!?) So double penetration cock ring red sex toyif you have ever had any DP, (double penetration or double penetration cock ring), fantasies, they can now be recreated without the possible mess of adding another person. How cool is that? Obviously I have no judgments towards adding another person into a sexual relationship or partnership, or whatever. But for some people, another physical person simply isn't going to happen. It just isn't their thing. However, they may still have the DP fantasy. Problem solved! With this wonderful creation to mankind you are able to fill both holes, (vagina and booty), at the same time, or use a penis and the DP Cock Ring to double stuff one hole.

               The bendable spine is a great thing, but can also be a tad bit annoying as well. It takes a little bit to get the hang of it. The spine is helpful, and is important. Everyone is built differently, and in order for it to fit comfortably in whatever desired hole, it needs to be flexible. Plus the flexibility of it creates more options for use. If it were hard and not able to move you would just have to hope that it fit into two holes comfortably, and you are limited to just DP. The flexibility is needed, but like I mentioned previously, it can be annoying. You have to use a little extra time to guide it correctly. It takes some practice. But practice and patience lead to great things right?!

               Using the flexibility of the spine of the dildo of the double penetration cock ring is to your advantage is double penetration cock ringkey to getting as many different positions from this fun cock ring as possible. Traditional missionary will result in your penis entering the vagina, and the dildo entering the anal cavity, with the vibration stimulating the clit. You could also stuff the vagina with the dildo and your cock, with the vibration stimulating the clit. Weather it is talked about or not, stretching and fully filling a vagina is another popular fantasy. If you prefer your partner being the one inside your ass instead of a dildo, you can flip it upside down. Then the penis can enter the anal cavity and dildo into the vagina. The vibrator will not be stimulating the clit in this position, but the testicles. Which is very exciting for most men. Honestly anyway you flip it, you’re going to have fun. Just remember, it takes some getting used to, and don't give up on trying it out. Find a way that works. There's a reason the Double Penetration Cock Ring has a 4.5 out of 5 star review here on our website, just saying

               The clitoral stimulator on this double penetration cock ring is a plus too. It has a decent power, is removable, and requires AG13 batteries. So if you want to just use the bullet for stimulation you can. I have even heard a few people say that the vibration was too strong, (crazy, is you ask me), so they removed it for use. The bullet is made from a harder plastic that is ideal for strong vibration. The actual dong and ring are made from a jelly like material. The bullet is powerful enough to travel through the thicker ring and still successfully stimulate. How wonderful it is too!

               One complaint I have heard is that it has a strong odor. I agree, it is made with the jelly-like material that can, when first taking it out of the packaging have a smack you in the face odor. Be sure to use a good toy cleaner to ensure it is cleaned properly before the first use, after each use, and then again before each use. The odor should go away after the first good cleaning. It may smell strong, and be a more porous material, but rest assured it is phthalate free. Phthalate free means there are no esters, softeners, or plasticizers. It is body friendly.


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