Silicone Anal Beads – Your Butt With Say Ahh

silicone anal beads

People are funny about their butts. 

Some people just love their asses to be played with.  I’m one of those.  I enjoy toys, fingers, strapons, plugs, vibes – you name it, I like it! 

On the other hand, I’ve had partners that have run the entire spectrum of “butt play” willingness.  One girlfriend told me flat out, “Don’t touch me there”.  Another woman loved hard anal fucking and lots of it. 

Most of the partners I have been with have been somewhere in between.   Real life is not like it is in the porn flicks, where every woman gleefully takes a huge schlong up the ass.  That seems to set unrealistic expectations for everyone.  

I just read an article that declared “Ass is the New Pussy”.  I’m not sure about that either, but certainly more and more people are ‘fessing up when answering sex surveys regarding their enjoyment of anal play.  Nearly half of hetero couples have admitted to anal sex in a recent survey.

We are certainly entering a more enlightened age regarding anal play than has been seen in a long time. Anal sex and anal play are really becoming more mainstream.  I get excited just writing about it! So, if all this is new to you, then what?  Maybe you are a curious boy or girl who would like their partner to maybe try this butt stuff.  It can be kinda awkward to broach the subject. 

Communication is a key element to this avenue of exploration, in fact, in all avenues of your relationship.  Maybe bring up the subject in bed, or over linguine, or at a movie.  Just expressing interest and asking your partner what they think can open the doors to hot butt play.  Chances are pretty good that they are curious also!

Ok so, my partners told me that, maybe, they are into trying this butt play – where do we start?  That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked. 

An established, dedicated, knowledgeable adult store, such as LoveWorks, has many, many fine articles about butt play and how to explore it.  Read a few.  Explore their website.  A Google search of “anal sex” will also give you many references. 

LoveWorks also carries thousands of toys made specifically for your bottom.  If I may suggest, a great toy to begin your anal exploration is the old favorite:  silicone anal beads.    Originally anal beads were just that – beads strung on cord that would be inserted into your hot, ready, hungry butthole. 

silicone anal beads sex toys butt playAt the moment of your orgasm, they would be withdrawn, quickly or slowly.  The sensation of the anal sphincters opening and closing as these silicone anal beads come out is indescribable!  It can really make for mind blowing, toe curling, wild monkey love orgasms. 

The downside to these products was the cord itself.  Obviously, when engaging in anal play it is best practice to evacuate your bowels as fully as you can.  Even with best effort, the string attaching the beads would get slightly soiled.  This is almost impossible to clean and really renders this toy a “use once or twice and throw away” sex toy.  That’s where modern materials science comes in!

Behold the magic of the Silicone Anal Beads from the Sex & Mischief line of anal sex toys by Sportsheets.  I really like the Sportsheets line of toys – they have a lot of introductory S&M (Sex and Mischief – get it?) gear for people who are just getting their feet wet. 

While anal play isn’t exactly a bondage activity, I guess it is still considered somewhat more kinky than not.  Exciting!   See, you ARE into kink you horny little thing!  The front of the package displays the toy on the background of a black rose.  The package is a simple blister pack that opens easily. 

The ad copy on the back has a very nice photo of a woman’s bottom along with a little tale (tail?) about silicone anal beads sex toysintroducing anal play into the lady’s bedroom.  It is very tastefully done.  The package would probably not make a good storage container for the toy; a small Ziploc bag would work well.  Anyways, the Sex and Mischief Silicone Anal Beads sex toy is PERFECT for beginners.  The beads are made from smooth, silky, soft, sensuous silicone. 

This means they are safe to use internally with no icky chemicals.  Silicone means they will not absorb any off odors.  It means that they can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.  Silicone sex toys can even be boiled for short periods (3 minutes or less) and be cleaned with a 10% diluted bleach solution.  Try any of that with a polyester corded toy and you will be disappointed! 

You can make this sex toy like “brand new clean” after every use.  Silicone toys should be lubed up with water based lubes only – no hybrids or silicone lubes, or Crisco or 10W-40**.  Buy a good lube, your ass depends on you.  Whaddya mean, “Where do I get lube?”  Haven’t you been paying attention?  Don’t go to a box store or drug store for lube.  Would you go to a supermarket for tires?  A barbershop for penicillin?  No, of course not.  Go to a trusted source for your lubes and toys and, most importantly, advice.  You can get all three at LoveWorks Adult Stores. 

Try to ask the clerk at the department store what kind of lube you should use for your silicone anal beads.   Don’t call me to bail you out after you pull that stunt and get arrested.   Sorry, I got off track. 

This anal sex toy really is beautifully made item.  No string to get nasty!  The beads are a series of silicone balls terminating in a ring.  The ring has several functions. 

Firstly, to manipulate the beads or balls in and out of your puckered, lubed bottom hole. 

Secondly, anal toys should have a larger base so that nothing gets sucked up and becomes irretrievable.  That would be awful at the doctor’s office!  I’m not interested in being on that TV show “Sex sent me to the ER”!

These medium silicone anal beads have a total length of 9 ½ inches, 8 of which are insertable.  The first bead has a nice, gradual taper to make insertion easy as do all the rest of the beads.  Go slow if it’s your first time.   There are a total of nine beads on the toy and the beads have a diameter of about ¾ of an inch.  Don’t be afraid – that’s smaller than your thumb! 

sillicone anal beads sex playThe Sex & Mischief Silicone Anal Beads have a plastic “skeleton” underneath the silicone.  This gives the toy some backbone.  It’s not so stiff that it isn’t flexible, but it gives it enough stiffness to assist with inserting the beads. 

On to the test!  I love this part of my “work”.  I decided to try the beads first as a solo venture.  I generously lubed up the beads and spread a little lube around my anus and into my butthole.  Then I started to insert the beads.  They really are a nice, friendly, beginner size and it felt really good as the beads went into my bottom.  A little lube applied to my shaft and I was off and running. 

I decided to use my hand rather than another jack off toy because I have an established “baseline” of what hand masturbation feels like.  As I worked my tool I used the ring to move the beads I and out of my butt.  This is a super feeling!!  When I was approaching orgasm, I put the entire string in, and as I came I withdrew the entire string.  Awesome orgasm! 

You owe it to yourself, at least once in your life, to experience this!  It was great.  Now, the truth is that I have a lot of experience with anal toys and anal play.  While this toy was very good, I like a little more size.  If you are experienced with assplay, this may not be enough for you. 

To get a second opinion, I tried this toy on my wife.  She is kind of in the middle of that butthole spectrum, but she enjoys an occasional small plug or finger in her bottom.  Anal stimulation often helps to put her over the edge if she just can’t quite get there.  I started by a sensuous and loving makeout session – relaxation is the key to good anal pleasures. Then we got going with some good pussy licking and fingering.  When she was good and hot I brought out the beads.

Her eager, hot, lubed butthole greedily ate up the entire string of silicone anal beads!  I worked them back and forth in her tight bottom.  She was easily able to take the entire string into her bum hole.  They are so smooth and are shaped so nicely, they just slid right in.  Armed with her favorite vibe she was fast approaching climax.  At the moment when she started I withdrew the beads– not too fast, not too slow.  She loved it.  We have another believer!

She said her pussy seemed to throb with the contraction and expansion of her anus as each bead passed through.  She really like the sensations created by the movement of the beads during our play and the way it added to the feeling of her orgasm.  My wife loves to come!  And she loves anything that can add to that pleasure.  This sexy toy was a hit. 

As a relative newbie to anal play, the size was just perfect for her.  While some of our plugs are too large for her silicone anal sex large anal beadsto take and my cock is certainly too big – these beads were just right.  No pain or discomfort whatsoever – only pure butt bliss. 

Like I said earlier, if anal play is new to you this is the perfect toy to start with.  Smooth, seamless construction combined with safe, easy to clean silicone and a just right size makes this the perfect toy or gift for the novice.  Don’t be shy – get going and have some bum fun.  Bottoms up!


**BTW, this is SO off-the-subject – yet a perfect example!  I always tell my readers to buy lubricants at a store that specializes in them and knows what they are made of.  In the US, the Dollar Store just got sued for selling lubes that were only good for cars over 30 years old!  If it happens with car lube, imagine putting bad lube in your anus or vagina.




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