Prison Phone – Sex Toys or Contraband

prison phone

It seems inevitable that men without female company will resort to some pretty ‘creative’ tactics to get their rocks off. Prison is no exception, as you will soon learn.

Now, male prisoners aren’t smuggling butt plugs into prison per se – but they are cramming an awful lot of things in their most private pockets.

For example, the Zanco Fly Prison Phone holds the record for being the world’s smallest phone, and it’s almost deliberately designed to be easily smuggled behind bars via anal insertion.

prison phone smuggled in the assAlongside bags of drugs, weapons and other items, these are considered an alarming problem for prison security around the world.  California Highway Patrol has also had their run-ins with prisoners vibrating during arrest.

Now, we’re not saying that prisoners are setting these phones to vibrate and using them for pleasure (although you can bet your last penny that’s happening at some point) but there are many ways that prisoners have used the random objects around them to create some rather inspired DIY sex toys.

These range from hilarious to disturbing. All sorts of objects, including… organic matter have been fashioned into sex toys for both anal and urethral uses.

Let’s take a look at female prisoners. Over the last few years, there has been a massive increase in the number of sex toys being smuggled into women’s prisons by inmates.

Although they are typically confiscated immediately and listed as contraband in nearly all prisons at this time, there are suggestions of changing the way this is approached.

Instead of banning them outright, sex toys could be used as another form of punishing bad behaviour by inmates by removing sex toy privileges. This idea isn’t completely out of the blue, as it holds a lot of similarity with the concept of ‘conjugal visits’ as a reward, that have resulted in much less need for violent suppression of unruly prisons.

Of course, until such a program is actually rolled out for real, the sex toy smugglers are winning the day.

And these toys have huge value amongst the prison population. Some of the most frequently discovered sex toys include dildos, vagina balls (also known as love eggs) and in at least one case, a labia spreader.

And female prisoners have shown that they are no slouch in the DIY department either. It turns out that smuggling is even going on inside the prisons, transferring supplies from kitchens and other prison labour areas into cells to be used as makeshift dildos and vibrators. These can include everything from lunch meat to cutlery and more. Take a look at Orange is the New Black for further ideas – although one inmate at a women’s correctional institution interviewed (who asked not to be named – no surprise there!) told us that there was a lot of fictional liberties taken, it still didn’t compare to the sheer scale of ingenuity being demonstrated by the sex-starved women behind bars.

Whether you’re against the idea of prisoners being able to indulge in sexual pleasure or shrug your shouldersjail phone contraband sex toys DIY, you cannot deny that prisons seems to turn everybody into some form of naughty MacGuyver.


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