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Who doesn’t love oral sex?  BJs, blowies, getting’ yer horn blown, organ solo, bob on a knob, smoke a pole, lol –  the list of slang goes on and on.  Whatever you call it, I think I can safely say that the far majority of men love having their dicks sucked.  

What’s not to love?  Either as foreplay, or just the act itself;  in a house, in a bar, by a mouse, in a car … sorry I got a little Seussian there, but you get the idea.  Blow jobs are always a great thing, in my humble opinion. 

However, there exists a certain combination where penis size and mouth size are mutually incompatible and a certain discomfort can arise.  I’m fairly well endowed (not bragging and certainly nothing I did, just stating a fact) and my wife’s lovely mouth is average size.  Because of this her jaw gets tired fairly quickly.  Which wouldn’t really be a problem except that when she gets tired she tends to close her mouth a little.  “OUCH!!  HEY, watch it!” 

Now I don’t mind the occasional, purposeful nip on my member – if done gently and in a controlled manner.gum job teeth covers
 However, I don’t think anyone likes getting their rod rasped repeatedly by incisors.  If you do like that, you can stop reading right here.  Good luck to ya. 

For the rest of us who don’t like that, the upshot is that we rarely get the chance to blow a load down her throat – which I really like to do.  Oh, if only I had a smaller cock!  Wait a minute, what am I saying????  If only she had a bigger mouth?  No, that’s not great either. 

How to solve this issue – if only there were a solution to this dilemma!  Behold!  The answer to the problem!!  LoveWorks Adult Stores presents, wait for it, GUM JOB teeth covers!  Ta-daaaaa! 

What are Gum Job Teeth Covers? 

Gum Job teeth covers are oral sex candy teeth covers.  All my dreams have come true!  These little candy gum job oral sex teeth coversinserts are designed to cover the teeth of your partner while she/he is working on your wang in order to shield your rampant rod from the aforementioned dental abrasions.  Folks are gonna love ‘em. 

They come in three delicious gum job flavors – cherry pie, succulent strawberry and wild watermelon.  And only 32 calories (64 per two pieces) per blow job, semen not included.  The package says they are great tasting, fit easily over any teeth and taste "orally delicious".  Whatever that means, I don’t know — how else you would taste them if not "orally"?

Made by HottProducts Unlimited, gum job teeth covers have a simple ingredient list – nothing you wouldn’t find in any ordinary gummy candy.  A couple of artificial colors and flavors, but these are all listed on the web site of the FDA and are accepted as safe for use in food.  I wouldn’t let you eat something that wasn’t safe!  Or, let your dick be wrapped in it.  How many of these are you going to eat anyway? 

LoveWorks Adult Store and my readers trust me to give you the right info on various sex toy items – so let’s see how they work, whether the claims HottProducts make are true, and if they are indeed, orally delicious. 

The package was a little difficult to open – maybe I was just in a hurry!  The candy teeth covers were protected by another layer of plastic wrap, instead of taking on a cardboard flavor.  Nobody wants cardboard flavored dick, so I was happy about that.

On to the test.  My wife had a hard time getting these to stay in her mouth – they stuck together, but wouldn’t stick to her teeth.  She bit through the first set – YIKES!!   The Gum Job teeth covers kept slipping out of her mouth and were not very easy to use.  She did manage to get them in correctly and wrap her lips around my swollen tool.  Working my cock like this was pretty good for me, but it turned out that because of the thickness of the Gum Job candy she had to open her mouth even wider!

That’s somewhat counterproductive as it caused jaw soreness more quickly.  The gummies also left my prick gum job oral sex teeth coverssticky.  She did say she wished they had worked better because the idea eased her concern about hurting my member.    

What’s the final verdict on Gum Job teeth covers?  This product would be perfect for the bachelorette party or bridal shower, along with all the other cock related party items found at such events.  The package is cute and the idea is fun.  You might even buy this to give to a partner with a large dick or a small mouth – but only with the understanding that this IS a gag (haha) gift. 

It was fun to mess with these, and my wife did enjoy the flavors of the candies.  The best part is that we had fun with this and, if you’ll excuse me, we’re going to go finish the job…




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