Je Joue Mimi Is A Great First Vibrator

je joue mimi vibrator

king cock dildoThere may be more different kinds of vibrators than any other type of adult toy.  There are dozens of different types and probably thousands of different variations and sizes of each type.  For women, for men, for couples – wands, rabbits, bullets, egg, g-spot, anal, cock shaped, rings, big ones, small ones, battery, plug in, rechargeable and now, the Je Joue Mimi – the list is almost endless.  

Any peek in an adult sore, such as LoveWorks Adult Stores, or any online search will easily lead you to thousands of different shapes, sizes, strengths, colors and designs.  Why are there so many kinds of these available?  Because they work!  They work like crazy!  People love ‘em! 

This explosion of variety is a relatively modern phenomenon.  Around the late 1960s about all you could get was your standard, ivory colored, hard plastic “massager”.  Add a couple of batteries and it did its job pretty well.  That was all that was needed then, I guess, because in the famous sex survey by Shere Hite (the Hite Report) in 1976, it was reported that only one percent of respondents had ever used a vibrator! 

By comparison, in a 2006 Elle/MSNBC survey it was reported that 40% of people surveyed had used a vibrator.  They’re the happier 40% of society.  One more interesting, though slightly suspicious, survey result:  according to the Xandria Collection’s “Toys in the Sheets” survey, the most common vibrator user was a white Christian married woman, in her thirties, who votes Republican.  Hmm…ok, maybe. 

Regardless, as sexuality and masturbation and play have become more acceptable, people wanted, no DEMANDED, variety and quality from their sex toys.  That’s not to say that a $12 vibrator can’t do the job, but there is so much more today to choose from.  

How can a person ever decide – short of buying 30 vibes?  That’s where reviews just like this one come into play.  We’ve already purchased dozens of different vibrators and can help guide you in choosing!  You’re welcome.   So, even if you are a person of color, in your fifties, who voted Democrat, you’re very much invited in to discover about these toys!!  Enough gab, let me tell you about the toy.

Je joue mimiJe Joue Mimi Clitoral Vibrator

Today we will be looking at the Je Joue Mimi clitoral vibrator.  Je Joue means “I play” in French and it is a very well known name in luxury/ high end sex toys.  Now, I am a conscientiously frugal person.  My wife says cheap.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for quality – whether it is a restaurant, or clothes, or even sex toys.  Having said that, I will not waste money on junk.  The Je Joue Mimi is an example of an item that is worthy of the title “luxury”.  Even though this toy’s price may seem a little steep, I can assure you it is worth every nickel.  Everything about this toy is luxurious. 

The Je Joue Mimi comes shrink wrapped in an elegant box, about the size of an old recipe card file.  Remember those?  If you don’t remember, it is about 5.5 x 4 x 3 inches.  I like the shrink wrap because you are certain that your toy is brand new from the factory and hasn’t been monkeyed with. 

Once the shrink wrap is off you get the first surprise – the feel of the box.  This is hard to describe, but the je joue mimi vibratortexture of the box is, well, silky and smooth.  It doesn’t feel like paper.  The texture of the box hints at great things to come. 

Inside the box is – another box.  It’s like the Russian nesting dolls.  Inside this box the toy comes nestled in a plastic tray along with the charging cord, instructions, and a Je Joue catalog.  This would make a wonderful gift, packaged the way it is.  After I opened it I packed it all up again to let my wife open it.  She was very pleased with it, and when she picked up the toy itself she broke out in a huge grin and squealed “ooooooo”!

je joue mimiThe Je Joue Mimi is an amazing toy.  I don’t say this lightly.  I have owned/reviewed/used/bought dozens and dozens of different vibrators and can testify to the fact that this toy is AMAZING!  The squeal of joy from my wife came from both the texture and weight of the toy. 

The Je Joue Mimi is covered with a layer of body safe silicone.  It is smooth, silky, and really has a great feel in your hand.  It is different from other silicone toys we have used.  It is smoother and more velvety and less “grabby” than some other silicones. 

I love silicone as a toy material, but most toys made from silicone can be a little “grabby” on skin without some lube.  The silicone on the Mimi is different.  It seems to glide across dry skin like a whisper, like a gentle breeze, like a smooth silk scarf across a lover’s thigh.  It has a really pleasant, sensuous feel to it.  

The toy also has a wonderful heft to it.  It weighs around 65 grams, or about 2 ¼ ounces.  This gives the Je mimi je joue vibratorsJoue Mimi a good feeling in the hand – not too heavy, not too light – just right for you, Goldilocks!  The Mimi is shaped like a smooth worn stone you might pick up at the beach.  In your hand it feels comfortable and familiar. 

Je Joue really knew what they were doing when they designed this toy.  It is about 3 ¼ inches long by almost 2 inches at its widest, by about an inch thick.  It REALLY feels good in your hand, like it was made to be held.   We have the black model, but it is available in lilac, fuchsia, and purple also.  The silicone coating makes this vibe completely waterproof.  Go ahead; use it in the shower, tub, pool, lake – wherever you like!    

Another great feature of this vibrator is that it is rechargeable.  No batteries ever.  Yay.  The charger is magnetic and attaches to the end of the toy.  It will only stick on one way, so there is no chance to put it on backwards and fry your new toy.  The charger can plug into any USB port to charge.  While I was a little bothered at first that it didn’t come with the part you plug into the wall, I realized that this meant that you could use any charger for this, whether it’s from a phone or laptop or tablet, instead of just the charger that comes with some toys.  Who doesn’t have a ton of these chargers hanging around these days? 

When you put the charger on the toy a red LED will start to blink showing that it is charging.  When the light stays lit, it is fully charged.  You get two hours of use from a full two hour charge. 

mimi vibe je joueThe controls on the Je Joue Mimi are very simple.  As you can see in the photo there are three buttons:  +, -, and ~.  To turn it on just press and hold the plus button.  This will also increase the power with each press.  Holding it down will not increase it, you need to repeatedly press the button.   The minus button will decrease the power and eventually turn the vibrator off. 

There are five different levels of strength.  My wife, who likes a good strong vibrator, usually only goes to the second highest setting.  The middle button is the one that can switch between the different vibration patterns.  There are seven different patterns of vibration.   The Je Joue Mimi always turns on with the lowest vibration setting and the first pattern, which is steady vibration. 

My wife loves the strength, feel, size and shape of this toy.  She is very particular about her toys and gives this one nine stars!  That is UNHEARD of from her.  Why not ten stars?  The only drawback to this toy is that the buttons are kinda difficult to operate.  You have to press them very firmly and they are small buttons.  In the heat of use it is not very easy to switch vibration levels or patterns.  Maybe as she uses it more, she will become more familiar with it, but for now she has to take it off her pussy and look at it to see the buttons, and this can be somewhat distracting. 

It has all the power you would probably ever need (power Queens take note!), and the vibrations are the low, powerful, rumbly type that really move your groove. 

A “buzzy” vibe really doesn’t do it for her – she LOVES the low strong vibrations of this toy.  Her previous favorite was the We-Vibe Tango, for those heavy vibes, but the hard plastic of the Tango cannot compete with the smooth feeling of the Je Joue Mimi.  The Mimi is the new reigning champion.  In fact, when I took the Mimi to have handy as I wrote the review she became very protective of it and wanted to make sure that nothing would happen to it!  I hope I’m not out of a job.  Let my wife describe it to you in her own words:

“Shape and size….love it.   I like that I can use it flat for more coverage or the tip or sides for more direct contact.   It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.   If your hands have lube on them and are slippery, it is still easy to control. 

Covering…love it. Soft and silky. Very soothing. No rough edges of any kind. I like to just roll it around in my hand. It reminds me of your cock…soft, velvety, and hard all at the same time.

Controls…yuck.  Hard to use.  Buttons are hard to push. Have to take it away and look at it to switch speeds. Not easy.  I like that you can charge it and that it’s waterproof. Easy cleanup.  No need to worry about batteries.

Speeds and settings….nice speeds, slow/ med/ fast vibrations and different pulses. Really like the variety.  Overall I would give it a 9. The controls take away the perfection of it.

Comparison…I like both, (Ed. Note – comparing the Mimi to the Tango) but like this one better. The size is similar…small…which I like, but the shape is totally different. I prefer the wider body so it can cover more area.  I like the texture; it’s softer where the other one is plastic and hard. They both had multiple speeds and pulses and they both charged the same way by USB, but this one is easier to attach to the charger and doesn’t fall off. The other one you had to finagle a little bit until it connected.   

So overall, the shape and feel is what puts the Je Joue Mimi over the other one. “   There you have it – from a satisfied user and confirmed “clit o’ steel” woman!

This vibe is easy and fun for her to use.  She loves to masturbate with the Mimi.  She especially likes to rub her clit with the broad side of the toy.  She prefers this to more pinpoint stimulation.  Although, by using the end of the toy you can get pinpoint vibration also.  If you can use this toy as a pinpoint vibe at its strongest settings, my hat is off to you! You go girl! It really is that powerful. 

I notice she is touching herself with it a lot more than she would ordinarily just play with her pussy.  Good for her.   We have also used this together as a couple.  Last night I was playing with her pussy while she was on her knees.  I brought out the Mimi and started using it on her.  Wow!!  She took it from my hand and ordered me (!) to stuff my cock into her while she was using it.  That was a terrific turn-on for us both.  I could feel the vibrations in my tool and we both came within minutes.  Very, very good was our unanimous verdict!

The copy on the box states that the Je Joue Mimi is a perfect first vibrator and I would agree.  It has a non-threatening, friendly shape, is very quiet and discreet, it’s powerful for extra clitoral stimulation (you know who you are!), and you can take it anywhere.  You wouldn’t know what it was if you spied it on a desk or nightstand. 

Cleanup is a breeze because of the waterproof feature and smooth silicone coating.  Soap and hot water are fine, as would any toy cleaner be ok.  Due to the silicone it is suggested to only use water based lubes, or saliva, or pussy juice – silicone lubes may react with your toy and spoil its smooth surface. 

While this toy may be a little pricier, you do get what you pay for.  LoveWorks Adult store has these in stock and their prices are very competitive.  If you know you like a good, strong, rumbly vibe than this one will definitely fit the bill. 

In the long run it is more cost effective than trying out three, four, or five $20 toys to find the one with the action you crave.  And don’t forget about the cost of batteries over a year.  If you are new to toys and are unsure about the Je Joue Mimi, give it a try.  With the different speeds and patterns, you will find settings that rock your world – I’m sure of it. Don’t be afraid to expand your orgasmic horizons.   Be one of those happy 40%! 

The Je Joue Mimi is available here in BLACK and in FUCHSIA


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