The Real Meaning Of Lets Have A Threesome!


Having a threesome has been defined as a sexy way to spice up your sex life. This may be a simple definition of a threesome, but in fact there are many aspects that threesome includes such as what is the task of every member in the threesome, where is the pleasure focused, the configurations of the threesome etc.

The usual configurations of a threesome are MFM or FMF. These are the basic ones, but there are also MMM threesomeand FFF configurations. Men usually prefer the combination FMF, but that is not always the case. Threesome usually works in three ways which are named as the unidirectional, bidirectional and multidirectional way.

So the unidirectional way refers to the fact that the pleasure is focused only in one direction. An example of that is the MFM configuration where the female usually pleasures both men.  [EDITOR: I don’t agree with this description.  Usually in a MFM, both males spend their time pleasuring the female — usually the female is the center of all activity.  Although both males “receive pleasure” from the female, I think the original description is wrong.]

In FMF configuration, the male receives sexual pleasure from both women.  [EDITOR: Same comment as above, with who is the center of pleasure].

The bidirectional way refers to two people from the threesome pleasuring each other and the third member of the threesome has a break or helps one of the other two to get an orgasm.

Multidirectional is probably the best way for a threesome. In this case, you get all in. There is a sexual interaction between all members on the threesome. This way is also really great to be used if the two of the sex participants are bisexual. In that case one of the members can have sex with the second member and the second member can orally satisfy the third member. But it does not mean that it could be only practiced if the members are bisexual.

This is only one of the scenarios, but there are plenty of possible scenarios, it depends on the imagination of the participants in the threesome.






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