Have You Lost The Sparkle?


If there is no sparkle between the partners in the bed, it could be a serious issue in the relationship. These 3 ways will help you improve the intimacy between partners in the bedroom.

The first thing that must be improved in your relationship is communication. There are many partners who have not shared their sexual fantasies. Sometimes they feel that it could be really awkward if they talk about it. Many people are afraid how their partner may react or that they might be misunderstood. Even if those fantasies are not fulfilled only sharing them with your partner can spice up things between you.

Sex should be different each time. Do not stick only to the routine. Every time you have sex with your partner, sparkletry to do something different. When you do something different, you refresh your sex life and make your partner be curious. Try to fulfill some of your partner’s fantasies. Or maybe you can dress more provocatively, for example, being dressed up in leather or using some sex toys or a vibrator. You can try some new sex positions. If you are lack of ideas for regaining the sparkle, you can use the Internet to find some interesting sex positions or you can watch some porn to get some ideas.

If you feel comfortable, you will look even better. You can have a good sex if you feel confident about your look. You do not have to make big changes. For example, you can have a haircut, or simply a face or a head massage, or have a manicure, buy some new clothes or some make up, etc. You can do some small things that will make you feel better and more confident which will result in some great sex with your partner and a greater intimacy.


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