Better Sex? Drink More Water!


There is no doubt that water is the most important ingredient, when it comes to the proper function of our body. It is known that magnesium is the secret ingredient of life which leads to more sexual stamina. It does not provide quick results, but it is the missing element in our bodies’ health. The Egyptian population has less cancer disease than the Western culture because of the regular intake of magnesium, because it helps in dealing with tension just like potassium!

Hydration is needed for all organs to work properly and the reproductive organs are included too. When we wake up in the morning, our bodies are a little bit dehydrated. So the first thing in the morning that is needed is a glass or two of water. A Hydrated body leads to better sex performance.

Coffee is considered to be a diuretic, so a glass of water before or after the coffee is a great option in order to stay hydrated.

Doses of caffeine equivalent to the amount normally found in standard servings of tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks appear to have no diuretic action  (wikipedia)

Hangovers can be really unpleasant, especially because your blood pressure is not in the normal levels while you have sex and get rid of the initial booze sweat. It will make you urinate quickly, but to deal with the hangover you need to have 2 glasses of water in the morning.

Speaking of urinating, the more yellow your urine, the more DEHYDRATED you are.  Morning urine is usually the slightly yellow, confirming that you need water first thing in the morning.  But when you see dark urine in the day time, you should take the warning seriously — you are dehydrated and your body is suffering.

Some herbs are considered to increase the libido and one of them is ginseng which is a sexual stimulant. It may however, upset your stomach – an unpleasant side effect of trying for better sex. Despite being a sexual stimulant, it promotes clarity of thought. You can take it with a ginger pill or with a shot of pepto bismol to avoid the stomach upset.  Of course, taking pepto bismol and thinking of sex seems a little strange!

Water and magnesium are the essentials for a good sexual life. If you find it difficult to consume water, try to addwater some lemon or cucumber to make flavored water.  Flavored water has become a popular new trend, but there is no data to support any claims that people are drinking more water.

Adding water to your daily routine takes practice.  It is the same as having to give up something — in this case, you are likely giving up so many cups of coffee or soft drinks, or juice.  But the benefits for your body are quite real.  

As Southerners, we grow up drinking ice tea by the gallons.  Since tea is mostly flavored water, how does it compare to drinking plain water?  It is true that drinking tea is better than drinking soft drinks, and yes your body does benefit from the water content — but it also suffers if you are not drinking DECAFFEINATED tea.  Otherwise the increased caffeine is not helping your body.  Plus, if you are sweetening your tea with sugar, you are consuming more false and un-necessary calories.

Water.  Just plain water.  From a bottle or a tap.  Cold or room temperature.  Find a way to enjoy it a and make it a part of your routine for better sexual health.






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