No Sex On The Beach Near Trump

sex on the beach

A couple was spotted having sex on the beach near the “White House Winter”, Palm Beach. The area was patrolled by police officers when the President Donald Trump was in town.

The couple was arrested on Friday. The identity of the man and the woman is known – the 19-year-old Daniel Dolan of Pennsylvania and Chloe Exiner, age of 20, from Illinois. They are charged because of indecent exposure in a public place. 

President Donald Trump was in town when the couple was caught having sex on the beach by the Palm Beach police when patrolling the area. In the report written by the arresting police officer was stated that the man and the woman were sitting on the beach behind a tree.

The man was sitting on the ground while the woman was sitting on his lap and bouncing up and down in a sexual manner. When they had spotted the police officer, Exiner got up from Dolan’s lap and tried to get her pants which were placed right next to them and at that same time Dolan pulled up his pants which were around his knees. 

The report also explains that they were surprised by the presence of the police officer and were quite nervous. They tried to explain that the reason for having sex on the beach was because they were not allowed to have sex in their treatment facilities. To both of them was issued a written notice to appear in court. 


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