Warm Up Exercising Before Having Sex

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A  22 – year old man from Taiwan was brought to a hospital after having sex with his girlfriend.

The young man collapsed while having in the throes of intercourse. He experienced difficulty breathing before losing consciousness. [I think many men have experienced that same feeling!]

The sexual act happened at 5 o’clock in the morning. Huang, was on top of Fu having sex, and without warning, collapsed with all his weight on top of Fu.  He didn't move after that.  

When Huang stopped moving, Fu noticed he was sweating and not breathing. Then he lost consciousness and became motionless.  [It was five in the morning; why weren’ t they sleeping?  Thanks for the details in the Asian news, at least we know he was on top.]

Fu called the ambulance and her boyfriend was taken to the hospital but later the doctors informed that he had passed away. [So, Huang, was effing Fu.  Do I have that right?]

There is no official diagnosis, but the doctors assume that that Huang suffered either a stroke or a heart attack.  Fu said he was a little over weight.  [Up until now, there was no proof that someone could “come and go” at the same time.]

According to sayings in Taiwan and China, Huang suffered from becoming "winded while riding the horse".  [Hey, we are only reporting the news.]

Acording to the internet:

If you are in the middle of intercourse, and you find that your partner has suddenly fainted, and appears to be in a coma, and his body isn't moving, and his face appears crooked, you must quickly stop having sex and keep your partner's airway open and send for first aid, because this is the most obvious sign of "mashangfeng"

Doctors believe that the cold weather temperatures may be the reason for his death.

After the tragic incident, Dr. Shih, head of the emergency room at Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital made an appeal urging people to avoid strenuous sex during cold weather temperature or to do some warm up exercises before being intimate.  

[Just the thought of interrupting the mood to do some push ups and jumping jacks is hilarious.  Hmm. Maybe we can make the exercise part of the sex act!]

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