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Men have a prostate gland, a little organ placed between the rectum and bladder.  Unfortunately it does not get a lot of focus from people. It is slightly surprising, since this organ is very vital for male sexual fitness. Regular prostate stimulation in the type of massage can encourage more fulfilling sexual experience with their partners.

It also reduces the danger of severe issues, such as prostate cancer, later on in life. Here is a look at how prostate driven ejaculation can better fulfill prostate health.

How the prostate works
This organ provides an apparently little function, secreting the liquid that makes up about a third of the volume of male ejaculate. The substance supports sperm movement better in the vaginal canal and can contribute to male fertility. The prostate also made up of some perfect muscle tissue that helps with expelling semen correctly.

This gland has nerve tissue that can support and stimulate ejaculation in men who generally have issues with sex. Better sexual satisfaction is reported, even in men who don’t have any dysfunctions. Because of this, prostate massage is a fit option practiced by many couples.

Sexual fitness and prostate
The prostate gland works right only when it is stimulated by the right mix of hormones. The main hormone liable for best prostate function is testosterone, which is generated by the testicles, though some little hormones generated by the adrenal gland also affect the organ. When a man is suffering from very high or low testosterone levels, he may also have issues with prostate health.

Strange hormone levels raise the danger of getting prostate cancer, mainly in older men. Prostate cancer warning signs to be worried about include difficulty urinating, semen or blood in urine, discomfort and swelling in the swollen legs and pelvis. Some men also suffer from bone pains as a prostate cancer symptom.

Many men have an enlarged prostate, which is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, after the age of thirty. This issue could make it difficult to urinate comfortably and can also affect sexual fitness. Some men with this issue have problems maintaining an erections. In some cases, the prostate becomes blocked or clogged.

Advantages of prostate driven ejaculation
Stimulating the prostate through massage can support, stop or treat all these prostate health issues. For example, normal prostate massage ejaculation or other methods can decrease the danger of prostate related cancer. The suggestions is for Men to ejaculate at least twenty one times per month in their forties as this will have about 1/3 less chance of suffering from the prostate cancer symptoms. At age fifty, the defensive effect of regular ejaculation rises to approximately fifty percent.

Massage can also support men who suffer from an enlarged prostate by decreasing the discomfort. This is mainly real for people who have a gentle bacterial illness or a swelling that has caused the gland to become blocked. By inducing ejaculation via prostate massage, these men can get rid of build-up fluid, relieve force, and even support the body overcome the bacteria. Massage used to be a quality treatment for prostatitis before the advent of antibiotics and it is still used in many nations today.

prostate massage aneros stimulationTypes of prostate massage
Massage, also called milking, can be done either internally or externally. Internal message is the traditional technique used by medical doctors. This idea involves the insertion of a finger or, in some instances, an anal instrument designed to stimulate the prostate without causing damage. Some men use toys designed for “p-spot” massage as well, but it is vital to make sure that any tool used in prostate massage has a non-slip grip and a wide base that stops it from becoming lost inside the body.

One of the best prostate massage sex toys is made by Aneros.  It is available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, from beginner to advanced.  After insertion, squeezing of the anal sphincter will cause the toy to move up and forward, massage the prostate.  Some men are able to ejaculate from this action without touching their penis.  Those who are not as lucky, will masturbate the penis to ejaculate.  Either way, the strength and intensity of the orgasm is multiplied many times over because of the sex toy massaging the prostate.

External massage is less insidious and more relaxing for some men, especially those who feel as though internal message is taboo. This technique involves using the massage or fingers to rub the prostate through the muscle and skin of the perineum. Some men who have extremely sensitive prostate find that external message is more effective and relaxed, while others have issue getting a response from this technique.

In Asian countries, massage therapists will offer to give a “junlipsun” massage, which is a form of external prostate massage without any penetration of the anus.  Although these massages may feel good, external massage does not generate the same affects as a penetrative massage.

Both external and internal massage jobs best after a bowel treatment, when the rectum and anus are empty, men who are worried about cleanliness during internal massage may want to use an enema to clean the place fully. Internal massage should never be done without a good lubricant. Men who want to use their fingers for prostate massage should make sure their nails are carefully smooth and trimmed. 

When done right, prostate driven ejaculation can reduce the danger of prostate cancer symptoms, enlargement of the prostate gland and clogging. It often supports relieve discomfort in men who already have a prostate issue. It can also provide support to men have a more fulfilling sexual relationship. This idea is healthy, natural and non-harmful to the majority of men, making it a best choice for anyone who wants to make sure of having a lifetime of prostate health.

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