I Want Sex But I Dislike All Condoms

all condoms

Having sex should be an enjoyable experience for both women and men, but all condoms get in the way of having a best time; and this can truly put a damper on the experience. Many men experience loss of sensitivity and other worries when using a condom.

Why you need condoms
The primary thing you need to remember is that all condoms not only save you from unwanted pregnancies but also from sexually transmitted infections and diseases, so they are vital. Even if your sexual partner is on contraceptives, you still want to use security against catching something especially if you have just met them.

Removing condoms from your life
If she is not on some type of birth control, then you may want to consider this. There are a multitude of choices accessible, not just the contraceptive pill. The IUD is a gadget which is inserted into the uterus and gives contraception for at least 5 years without having to do anything. Research your choices with her and get condoms out of your life.

If you need to use them
Here are some tips:

Pick your type of condom carefully
You can purchase thinner condoms which are specially made to stop loss of sensation.
Watch out because thinner condoms can break more simply, so you may need to check on it or go a more gently.

If you don’t like condoms because they provide you hives or a rash, make you dizzy or itchy, then it is most likely because you are allergic to latex.

Include texture – some condoms come studded, ribbed and even veined to include more sensation for both of you.

Get your sizing perfect – All condoms aren't created equal.  Don’t go for the biggest size in the store just to impress the checkout lady. There is a possibility it could fall off during sex. Also, if you get one that is too pretty or just snug, it could split while you are inside her. The best way is to purchase a few options and view which ones fit best. 

Get her to wear one – Definitely there are condoms for her, made of Polyutherane which she can add hours before sex. But, if she does not do this correctly, she could end up being pregnant or getting a problem.

Understanding the types of materials

Polyutherane (such as Avanti Polyurethane or Trojan Supra) – this can be best for getting some sensation back because the stuff heats up with body heat.

Latex (rubber) – can cause allergic feedbacks, protect against pregnancy and STD, but like most contraception, not one hundred percent.

Lambskin – can be costly and do not protect against STD, including HIV.

Polyisoprene – non-latex and super soft so it stretches with you and improves sensations

You are not alone in the condom battle. Many men dislike wearing them, but you need to think of the objective they are serving. In most conditions, it is just not feasible to leave protection (and all condoms) out of the equation.

You need to bear in mind if condoms were not around, you might not be having sex at all. So believe yourself lucky they have been invented and try to make the experience as relax as possible by purchasing the best ones.

PS:  Never dispose of condoms in the toilet unless you want to see them again.

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