7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Female Breast

female breast

The female breast has been an area of the body to receive some heightened attention from the male side of the population. Cosmetic surgeries to promote breast size has been increasingly popular and one of the most common way for women to enlarge their breasts.

And all because many men find the female breast particularly alluring and quite often they cannot even stop talking about this particular part of a woman’s body. Countless researches have been done in order to discover the reason of such attention men pay to a woman’s chest area and in some cases, the amount or lack of pubic hair!

Some of the results are less scientific and more funny and surprising. Here are some of them:

1. Economically challenged men prefer bigger while wealthy men tend to go for smaller breasts. Yes yes, the preferred female breast size usually has some relation to the amount of money a man earns. A poor man is much more likely to get attracted by a pair of large breasts. Talk about overcompensating! 

2. Hungry for food and for breasts
One study has shown some fascinating results. Men who have just had a full and nutritious meal are more attracted to small breasts in women while men who haven’t had any food in some period of time are very attracted to big female breast! So those of women who do not have much going on, keep your man fed and he will always be attracted to you only!

3. I’m not your Daddy
An interesting link has been discovered between some primal instincts and their influence on modern life. It was revealed by a study that for a man a big size in breasts is a mark of woman’s readiness and capability to bear and bring up healthy and strong children. Which is a win for those men who are interested in ever becoming a father. Though men who don’t want to have children any time soon tend to go for some safer options-women with smaller breasts.

4. Cancer prevention
Finally, men have a legit reason to touch, squeeze and play with the breasts of their partner! They can keep her away from cancer this way! Physical contact can actually stunt the growth and development of cancer cells. So, get on it!

5. Sexism in breast size
Women with bigger breast sizes can be happy, because that might have saved them from the advances of men with sexist and biased attitudes toward what they call “the fairer sex”. Definitely a reason to get a breast enlargement surgery. I guess that even in women sexist men prefer more of a boy-ish look.

6. Bras are useless
Some researches has stated that due to the fact that women who do not wear bras lack that extra support, they have acquired some natural support and muscle tissue under the breasts. This is why their breasts don’t start sagging as fast as the breasts of those women who wear bras. Thus deeming bras a useless AND uncomfortable invention.

7. Misogyny and breast size
After learning of the fact that men who are attracted to smaller breast sizes are more likely to be sexist it is not a surprise to learn that according to the results of a study men who like smaller breasts are looking for a partner which will not talk back and will not threaten his male authority. In other words, they seek a submissive “yes-sir” type of woman. Women with small breasts, beware the misogynists!

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