Vaginal Odor Can Effect Your Sex Life

vaginal odor smelly vagina

Vaginal odor is not a pleasant experience for any woman. It usually causes feelings such as frustration and embarrassment, but at the same time, women feel worried because the vaginal odor usually is a sign that something might be wrong with some of the organs of the reproductive system. 

Although your sexual partner's feelings are usually not discussed at the same time as a sexual health issue, vaginal odor can affect relationships and sexual intimacy for many reason.  Not all women notice the seriousness of odors as many do not appear "unusually strong".

When vaginal odors appear, women try to find a solution and will usually try every over-the-counter product they find on the market. Some of those products might work and some of them are a total waste of money. But it is more important to figure out what is the reason for the infection (odors are often caused by infections or other medical issues) and to find an appropriate solution for it.

The following are some of the most common reasons which can cause unpleasant vaginal odor

One of the first reason why some women experience a vaginal odor experiencing sexual intercourse with multiple partners without using condoms. Unprotected sex is the main reason for developing a vaginal odor. That means that if your partner has some infection, it can be easily transmitted to you through penetration. Using a condom is always a good idea in order to avoid the possibility of unpleasant vaginal issues. 

Condoms will also effect the way your vagina smells.  Usually that smell is only temporarily, and will go away when you have showered or gently rinsed the vaginal area.  This is another of the smells that people often refer to as "sex smells" (ie: "you smell like sex!")

Male Ejaculation (semen) is often a huge cause of the odor.  Semen/Sperm often clashes with a woman's natural PH level and will effect smell.  The smell after a male ejaculates inside of you usually last a day, but will correct itself in most cases.  As long as you do not smell your vaginal odor through clothing, you should not have anything to worry about.

Diet can also change the way your vagina (and his semen/ejaculate!) smell.  LoveWorks is a Louisiana company, so we always tell vaginal odor smellthe joke that "boiled crawfish night" means NO SEX, for a couple of reasons, including smell and taste.  All of the salt, garlic and seasonings flow through a man's body into his ejaculate, changing the taste and smell to extremely salty and bitter. Yuck.  And that will also effect vaginal odor.

If this is an area you are worried about, try using a condom, or have your male partner ejaculate outside of your vagina and see how that effects the smell.  If the smell is only slight, try System Jo Feminine Spray.  This is not the same as a "douche" which is not suggested.  Also, the user of feminine sprays is not suggested as a long-term solution.  It is however, good for short-term situations in which you find yourself "smelling like sex".

The same situation is true with "wipes".  "After sex wipes" are good for those situations where you are not easily able to shower and clean the way you would like after a sexual encounter.  Although the wipes we sell are ultra-sensitive, we always remind our customers that they are for temporary and occasional use and are not a substitute for a shower or bath.

Remember that STDs are carried much more easily thorough a male's ejaculate into the woman.  Besides bacterial infections, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea often are accompanied by odors.

Excessive intimate hygiene and washing of the vaginal area will not prevent the infection, but in fact, quite the opposite occurs. Excessive washing of the vaginal area removes the skin oils in that part and makes the skin dry and creates the perfect environment for bacteria in the vaginal region. 

Cigarette smokers have more possibilities to get vaginal odors and the only way to prevent them is to quit smoking. The immune system is the one that fights against any bacteria, so if the immune system becomes weaker there is a great possibility that the vaginal odor will appear as a result of bacterial infection. Although not a solution, increased vitamin C intake has been shown to help.

If the issue is severe and won’t go away, it is imperative that you find the underlying reason why you are experiencing odor.  A doctor (Gynecologist) should be consulted to determine whether there is something more serious going on with your reproductive tract.  





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