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viagra for women

Viagra smashed its way into the market as a cure for male sexual performance issues. Women have found themselves waiting for a similar magical cure for sexual issues involving performance and desire, but Viagra for women has not hit the market with the same gusto. Perhaps it’s a little sexist that the male sexual performance was prioritised, but there’s no denying the complexity of the issue surrounding the lack of female enhancement pills. 

There are currently two-dozen male enhancement pills to be found on the market. This seems like a lot compared to the complete lack of options female viagra-style pills on the market. The discrepancy is often blamed on the sexist way people see female sexuality. The FDA themselves have been accused of sexism for denying Flibanserin, one of the pills currently being developed to cater for women. While the way female sexuality is treated is far from ideal, the FDA had good reason to deny the drug. 

Reading the FDA report of the drug it’s clear that they denied it because they considered the risks to be not worth the benefits. Flibanserin was designed to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in women. The FDA believed that the pill did not perform better than the placebo. There is some hope for the drug however, as it increased the satisfaction of sex for patients. It appears this might be the single good thing in the review, as many subjects left the trial due to adverse effects. The pill caused drowsiness and there was not enough information on the health effects of using the pill for an extended period of time. 

One major problem is that diagnosing female “sexual dysfunction” is much harder than diagnosing it in men. Even the FDA admitted this as part of their review of Flibanserin; saying that HSDD is a genuine condition, but that it can be difficult to diagnose. 

Viagra works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, creating a noticeable erection. It also boosts libido and pressure. Female sex drive and satisfaction must be described qualitatively, making it even harder to diagnose HSDD, and ultimate prescribe viagra for women.

All the FDA is doing is evaluating the drug like they evaluate other drugs. They never approve a drug where the risks are not worth the benefits. It’s worth noting that the FDA does recognise HSDD as an actual condition, but they don’t believe that Flibanserin is an adequate treatment. The distributor of Flibaserin – Sprout – aims to submit a revised version of the drug and study to the FDA in the near future. Unsurprisingly, Sprout are also the biggest criticisers of the FDA, suggesting they are subconsciously sexist because they didn’t approve their drug. 

Sprout has been a big voice in the gender equality fight – at least as far as female sexual disorders go. It is entirely possible that the company does believe in equality, but it’s impossible to deny that they have all the reasons to get people to support the drug; increasing pressure on the FDA could cause them to pass the drug, which means it can be sold and Sprout can make money. It certainly doesn’t help the cause that most of the people supporting the pill are being compensated for their actions by Sprout. 

Slate magazine wrote an article claiming that Sprout is compensating a number of supporters of the drug and denouncers of the FDA, including Dr Sheryl Kingsberg of the University Hospitals Case Medical Center, The National Organisation of Women, Anita Clayton of the Huffington Post, and many others. It’s not surprising that the ones being compensated by Sprout would be copying the accusations levelled against the FDA by the company.

The good news is that the National Women’s Health Network saw how biased Sprout is and are urging the FDA to treat Flibanersin as if it was any other drug. Objectively assessing and judging drugs are the only way to ensure they are safe. Sprout has abused their feminist position and are using to ti increase their profits, rather than partaking in an altruistic quest for true sexual equality. We should thank the FDA for working to remain objective in the face of the social pressure generated by Sprout. 

But don't worry, some form of Viagra for women is coming, and when it does, we will see a similar push as we did when Viagra for men was first introduced.


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