Weird Deaths That Involved Sex

weird deaths

There’s no better way to feel alive than to have sex. But for many people, sex, sex toys and masturbation have skipped straight past the petite morte and caused their weird deaths right there and then. 

It’s not uncommon for people to declare that if they had any choice in the matter, they’d like to die whilst having sex, fuelled by the idea that their last moments should be of ultimate pleasure. To give credit to some of those who did just that; here’s a list the top 3 weird deaths caused by masturbation and sex toys.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation 

Christopher Harrold, a 26 year old university student, was found by his roommates dead after having accidentally strangling himself to death whilst watching porn.

He’s far from the only person to experience a weird death in such a tragic manner.

A few hundred people die every year by strangling, choking or otherwise preventing themselves from breathing whilst masturbating.

It’s an established fact that as the brain becomes more oxygen starved, it can cause a number of pleasurable effects such as euphoria and lowered inhibitions. Fans of autoerotic asphyxiation deliberately chase these feelings to intensify their orgasm. 

However, with something so dangerous, it’s inevitably lead to more than a few disasters.   

Shocking Sex 

You know that funny little feeling you get when you’re shocked by static electricity?

Quite a few people have enthusiastically hooked their genitals up to various electrical devices and outlets to take advantage of this.

When done under a carefully controlled setting and with equipment designed for this purpose, it can be relatively risk free and pleasurable. 

DIY approaches can lead to a very different story. Kirsten Taylor, 29, died when the nipple clamps used to pump electricity from a power strip into her body killed her. Kirsten and her husband had been engaging in electrically-enhanced sex for over two years until her weird death.

Sabotaged Fleshlight

Even in a healthy relationship with frequent sex people find themselves looking for a little more pleasure. Sometimes this doesn’t go down to well with the other half.

Andrei was in just such a relationship, and regularly used a penis sleeve to satisfy his desires when his girlfriend didn’t quite do the job.

One day she had enough, and stuffed the penis sleeve with fibreglass insulation.

Fibreglass insulation, for those of you who aren’t aware, is extremely painful if you come into contact with it. The material is composed of tiny razor sharp fibres. It’s perfect for keeping the cold out, but not so good at keeping your blood in if you happen to rub it vigorously over yourself.

It’s not clear if Andrei died from his injuries, but it wouldn’t be a big stretch of the imagination to assume that he would have prayed for any release from the extreme pain. We can safely say that the relationship between Andrei and his girlfriend did die that day.

Of course, none of these stories mean that sex toys and masturbation are inherently dangerous. The key takeaway here is that there’s more than one meaning to practicing safe sex. As always, common sense reigns supreme, especially when the most sensitive of sensitive areas are involved. It’s also worth noting that if you’re interesting in exploring alternative sexual practices, you should be prepared to throw away your ego temporarily and seek professional medical advice or emergency treatment. Your life could depend on it.

Plus, do you really want to be remembered because of your strange, unusual or weird deaths?  Imagine when your grandkids read that you died while having sex with a scarecrow?  


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