Mini Bullet Vibrators by Cal Exotics

heated mini bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators come in all different sizes. They all do the same thing; which is to offer clitoral stimulation. What size you want to get is total personal preference. California Exotics makes teeny tiny mini bullet vibrators, that happens to be excellent sellers here in the Spring store. It is called the Whisper Micro – Heated mini bullet vibrator.

This mini bullet vibrator is fairly standard; the remote is attached to the bullet by a cord. It requires two AA batteries for use. The mini bullet vibrator actually does heat up slightly. It will not be so much that you get burned or irritated by it, but just enough to send you over the edge will climaxing and sort of take it to another level. I know this area is already pretty hot down there, (temp and physically, lol), but adding a bit of heat really helps spice it up.

Mini bullet vibrators really are tiny.

Far smaller than most (hints the micro part of the name). It is only an inch in length, and 0.35 inches wide in length. I have to say that mini bullet vibratorsI dislike this vibrator, for that reason. It is too tiny. It has a decent speed, but it is so easy to lose grip of. There have been many times I was using one of these mini bullet vibrators, and then lost my grip right before climaxing! That is THE WORSE thing that could ever happen, in regards to sexy solo time. We still sell it quite often, so that has to be just my personal opinion. Who knows, maybe I just don't hold on as tight as I should, but after I had that happen a couple times I was done ever using mini bullet vibrators.

I actually know for a fact that an old friend of mine holds this particular bullet very near … or at least in her car. One night her husband and I went out for drinks. We had a great time and stayed out until the bar was forced to shut down. I fell asleep in the car on the ride back to their house. No one likes a drunk driver so I crashed on their couch that night.  

mini bullet vibratorsWhen I got up to leave in the morning I noticed something hanging out from the bottom of the passenger door from the front seat of their car. It was one of the mini bullet vibrators we sell! My friend probably entertained her husband on the ride home, and thought she had it tucked back into her secret hiding spot of the car But nope, it was there hanging out by its cord. To be funny I took a picture of it dangling from the bottom of the door and sent it to her with the caption, "what even happened last night!" She was just thankful I gave her the heads up that it was out dangling in her driveway! Lol.

Truth is you wouldn't have been able to see it from the street or anything, and how it caught my eye, I don't even know. But it sure gave us a good laugh. The mini bullet vibrators are small enough to hide almost anywhere – as long as you remember to hide it!

The point is that just because one person doesn't like a toy, doesn't mean you won't. It is such a personal choice, and in the end only you can make the choice for yourself. You know your body better than anyone else. Recommendations can be made all day long. But they are just that. You get to choose what works best for you, and we have plenty to choose from!

But when it comes to mini bullet vibrators, this one by CalExotics is one of the best.






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