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I miss Lou Reed.  If you don’t know, Lou Reed was a singer and songwriter who had many wildly different styles throughout his career.  From the openly gay and heroin addicted Andy Warhol Factory days with the Velvet Underground, to the openly heterosexual, married to artist Laurie Anderson solo career days. His work involved collaborations with such giants as David Bowie, Roy Orbison, David Byrne of Talking Heads fame and Roger Daltrey of the Who.

With everything from glam rock to noise music – his performance and art was a varied and far reaching palette.  His work was tremendously influential to numberless performers for decades to come.   Sadly, not much of Lou Reed’s work is known to the general population.   However, there is ONE song known by almost everyone over the age of sixteen.  “Take A Walk On the Wild Side” – this was Lou Reed’s smash hit.  Still played today.  It’s that song that is running through my mind as I hold in my hands the Penitentiary Cock Ring and Nipple Clamps Set from The Master Series of adult products.  If you are not familiar with this type of nipple play, take a quite read at wikipedia.

Ok, so maybe that was a long and not very relevant intro to an article discussing an adult toy.  But I have to say that this toy really is a walk on the wild side!  My wife and I are into some beginner, newcomer kind of BDSM play.  She and I both enjoy an occasional light spanking and we have several different types of restraints, cuffs, blindfolds, spreader bars, paddles and strap on toys for pegging. Perhaps we’re a bit more into it than I had thought.  When my wife first laid eyes on this toy, though, she let out a worried noise and shook her head a little!  C’mon, it’ not that scary.  The combination of the stainless steel ring and chains and the black leather of the straps DID look a little intimidating at first, but on closer inspection it is a highly sexy looking and functional, adaptable set that is very well made.

nipple clamps nipple playI received the Penitentiary Set from LoveWorks Adult Stores in a large padded envelope.  It comes packaged in an attractive box that is designed to be hung from a hook at your retailers.   There is a picture illustrating the use on the back of the box.  I’m not sure I can show you that photo – it is explicit.  And very naughty!  The packaging would not be suitable for storage, so a small drawstring bag, perhaps, or something like that would be much better to keep it in.  There is also some titillating ad copy and specifications about the size and materials.

The set itself is made of very nice materials.  Genuine leather and steel construction insure that this toy will last a long time.  The back of the box says “metal” for construction of the ring and chains, but on the Master Series website it says steel.  It has the look and feel of a well made product, so I would guess steel to be correct, rather than some cheap pot metal.  The website goes on to say:

Measurements: Total length: Adjusts from 19.5 to 22.5 inches; Nipple chain: 16 inches in length; Belly chain: Adjusts from 9 to 12 inches in length; Cock ring: 1.75 inches in diameter

Material: Steel, leather

Color: Silver


Note: One cock ring included, additional sizes sold separately


While this does describe the item perfectly it does not do it justice.  The ring is attached to the lower end of the strap by a snap. nipple clamps The Penitentiary is not made with cheap, easily broken snaps but with very sturdy snaps which are securely riveted to the leather.  The snaps look like shiny studs against the black leather – very attractive. 

The included cock ring is an inside diameter of 1.75 inches and is also steel.  This is a wee bit small for me, but this isn’t a problem because the ring can be exchanged for any size ring you might want.  Or any type of ring material that you prefer.  As long as the ring is made from a thinner material, say ¼ inch or less diameter, then it should fit with no problem into the leather strap which snaps shut to hold the ring.  Steel rings are very unforgiving. 

If you are experienced with rings and like a very snug feeling then this will totally satisfy you! If you are new to cock rings or want something with a little more give, any thinner silicone ring will work well.  I have several cock rings, silicone and steel that are just too thick to fit into this; so consider that if you are shopping for a replacement. 

The length of the “belly chain” is adjustable through a series of snaps in the leather band.  These snaps are functional as well as eye pleasing.  You can add or subtract length depending on your size or how much pull you want the ring to apply to your nipples.  Ouch!  The chain from the ring comes up to the middle of the chain that connects the nipple rings. 

Here is where another very versatile element of this toy comes to light.  The Y-shaped arrangement of nipple clamps and cock ring can be separated to allow just the nipple clamps to be worn if desired!  There is a small clip-on ring between the nipple clamps that attaches them to the cock ring chain.  Very nice!  It’s like getting two toys in one.

nipple clamps torture painThe nipple clamps themselves are an alligator clamp type.  The ends of the clamps are coated with vinyl (I think) coverings which can be easily removed to expose teeth if you really want some high octane nipple stimulation.  Double ouch! 

The clamps themselves are about 3/8 of an inch wide, a little more than that when the rubber tip covers are on.  There is an adjusting screw on each clamp, so that the user can determine how much pressure is applied to the nipple.  The maximum that the clamps can be opened is around ¾ inch and the screws can be backed all the way out to allow the full force of the clamp to be applied.  I wish I had a way to measure the force of the clamp.  This is a very subjective feeling depending on how much pressure/pain/pleasure you want in your nipple. 

To put this into perspective I compared the force of the clips with the force applied by an everyday object – a clothespin.  I go to any length for my LoveWorks readers!  The force of the nipple clamps, without any restriction, was MUCH stronger on my nipple than the clothespin.  I couldn’t take the full force of the clamp for very long.  Added to the fact of the strength of the clamps is the fact that there is a considerable amount of weight pulling on them also – the whole nipple pain torture alligator clamps bdsmthing weighs over five ounces.  That may not seem like much…until you try it!

I wore this for some romantic fun with my lovely wife, who was by now over her initial shock.  The ring was very snug and I really love the way cock rings make your member stiff and give a “ready-to-burst” feeling to my dick!  It looked very sexy on.  I adjusted the clamps so that it was painful, but bearable.  You know what I mean, you sly devil! 

With every stroke the weight of the chain tugged on the clamps and I really got a strong feeling of the sting of the clamp.  I found you can not only vary the force the clamps apply to your nipple with the screw adjusters, but by positioning the clamps differently you can get a different effect.  Clamping right to the tip of the nipple so that the clamps stuck straight out gave the sharpest pinch.  I couldn’t take this for very long! 

You can put more of your nipple into the clamp, catching some areola, and the force is distributed and was a little easier to take.  You can grasp with the clamps pointing down and this seemed to give a “gentler” tug and pinch.  The nipple clamps by themselves, with less weight, were even less aggressive.

There are a lot of different ways you can use this toy (I hesitate to call this a “toy”!) that will give varying levels of pain/pleasure.  I was not brave enough to try the clamps without the vinyl tip covers on!  If you do this I would love to hear about your experience.  What was interesting was that, even after I had removed the clamps, my nipples still were tingly, erect and very sensitive!  This lasted for a good 15 minutes after I had taken them off.  Pretty cool. 

The next time I use this I think it will be just the clamps themselves – worn out to the store for Saturday shopping.  Maybe with a vibrating butt plug in my ass.  Very naughty!  The pain level was good for me at a lesser amount than the clamps could have provided at full force.  There is plenty of room to increase the sensation as I grow bolder or more accustomed to the feeling.  I won’t outgrow this one soon.

Taking care of the Master Series Penitentiary Nipple Clamps + Cock Ring Set can be a little more challenging than with some toys.  Leather is porous and will absorb fluids – lube, semen, lady juice, etc.  A good quality silicone lube applied to the leather will help to keep it supple, crack free and will waterproof it too.  I needed some lube anyways to slip the cock ring on, so why not go with something that will protect your investment. 

The knowledgeable sales people at LoveWorks Adult Stores can offer plenty of assistance in selecting a lube – silicone or otherwise.  Then just wiping off the metal parts with a damp cloth and making sure it is dry before putting it away (remember the cloth sack?) should keep this device in tip top shape for years to come.

 I would recommend this toy to any users except the far ends of the BDSM spectrum.  If you are an absolute newbie you might want to go with cock ring or nipple clamps solo just to check it out.  If you are a “cane my bottom until it bleeds” practitioner this may be a little too tame for you – unless you upgrade it with electricity and a smaller ring and stronger clamps – you know what you like.  For everyone else in between this toy is an excellent choice and will provide years of fun and stimulation.






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