Dual Cock Ring Prostate Toy by Pipedream Rocks!

cock ring ass gasm prostate toy

If only…if only I had a million dollars…if only I was movie star gorgeous…if only people everywhere were free and happy…if only there was a combination cock ring/prostate vibrator.  Wait!  There IS a combination cock ring/prostate toy?  Really??!?   You may be asking, “Mike, are you sure?  This seems like something from the future!”  I promise you this is real and you don’t have to time travel to get your hands on one.  They are available right now, at this very moment, from LoveWorks adult stores. 

Ladies, listen up, I’m talking to you now.  You know how you like to have your bottom played with?  Your man will like that also.  Ask him.  Don’t be shy about this.  And guys, it’s OK to want this.  Give in to your anal curiosity.  You won’t be sorry.  In fact, you will probably want to thank me personally for introducing anal play to you and your partner.  Your satisfaction is enough reward for me, so no need to send money. The Ass-Gasm Cock ring Vibrating Butt Plug from the Anal Fantasy collection by Pipedream is a great toy for both beginners and veteran anal play folks. 

Prostate toys are meant to stimulate the prostate gland in men.  Why do this?  Firstly, the anus is loaded with sensitive nerve endings which will heighten your arousal and increase the intensity of your orgasms when they are stimulated.  Secondly, the prostate gland helps make the fluids that your jizz is made of, so stimulating this gland will make larger, more powerful ejaculations, either during intercourse, oral sex or just plain wanking it.   No lie, it’s true. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Pipedream combined this with an attached cock ring to make your hard on stronger and last longer.  Your cock ring ass gasm pipedreamcock will be bigger, feel harder, be more engorged and stand up stronger!  My wife says a cock ring make my dick look “bold”.  I like the sound of that.

The Pipedream cock ring plug comes as a nice kit.  This really is helpful to newbies to cock ring kit moist anal lube anal easeanal play. The box contains the ring/plug itself, a vibrator that fits into the body of the plug, a bottle of toy cleaner (very important!), and two different samples of Pipedream products
in what they call “Insertz” tubes.  One tube of Moist Anal lube and one tube of AnalEaze.  Also included are two finger cots.

 The cock ring itself is made of Pipedream’s silicone.  Elite silicone, they call it.  Silicone is a great material for sex toys.  It is durable, comfortable, body safe and easily cleaned.  This is important for all adult toys, but anal toys especially.  Silicone can be cleaned in a number of ways – toy cleaner, diluted bleach (10%), soap and hot water, even boiling for short times!  Cleanliness is very important for things that go into your butt.  Silicone will not retain any funky odors or stain and can be cleaned like brand-new every time. 

Silicone sex toys play well with water based lubes, but you probably shouldn’t use silicone lube or silicone hybrid lubes with silicone toys.  The texture of the silicone is very soft and smooth, not hard or scratchy like a plastic may be.  This cock ring toy is black, which I personally find very erotic.  The plug itself is about three inches long and one and one quarter inches wide at its widest.  This is not too big for beginners, but large enough to be fulfilling for more experienced butt play affecionados. 

The most important consideration for a wonderful experience with anal play is your desire.  You have to want to experience this, or your butt will just clench up and this will not be pleasurable.  If you do want to have fun with anal play you are halfway there!  Now, just relax.   Foreplay is important here to help ease open your anus.  Light massage with lube or gently pressing a finger into your bottom will help get things going.  I love it when my wife slips a finger in my ass when she is sucking my cock! 

finger cots condoms ace in the hole It’s important to make sure you are as clean as possible, so going to the bathroom soon before, and a fresh shower (clean your butthole real good!) make this kind of play much more enjoyable.  The included finger cots can help keep things clean.  Have your partner slip one over a finger to help relax you by probing your asshole until you feel aroused and comfortable.   If you are like me this won’t take long! 

Use plenty of lube.  The Insertz Moist lube that is included is an excellent choice.  It is in a long narrowmoist anal lube inserter that can be eased right into your bottom to put lube exactly where it is needed.  This did do exactly that, but the plastic tube did feel a little scratchy with kind of a sharp edge going in, so I wouldn’t use this again.  The tube is resealable if you don’t use it all up at once. 

I like the Moist Anal lube from Pipedream.  Good lube is important to safe and sexy anal play – don’t skimp here.  LoveWorks sells Moist Anal lube and lots of other lubes, and they are a great resource for guidance in choosing a quality lube. 

cock ring vibrating prostate toyOnce you discover butt play and that your butt won’t be destroyed from some penetration and find out you really like it (I’m pretty sure you will), then you can move up from a finger to the toy.  Insert one AAA battery into the vibrator and secure the cap.  There is no obvious label to show which way the battery goes, but I inserted mine “+” side first, and it worked well. 

Make sure you don’t crimp the O-ring under the cap when you screw it back on. This ring helps to make the toy waterproof so you can use it in the shower, hot tub, lake, or wherever there is water.  Is it really waterproof?  I’ve had this one buzzing away in a glass of water now for 15 minutes and it is still going strong.  There was a small amount of water inside when I removed the battery, so make sure to screw the cap on very tightly. 

After a long time under water this may become an issue, but in a reasonable time frame it was water proof (water resistant?) enough to perform well.  Make sure to dry it off inside and out and remove the battery between uses.  

There is a button on the end that turns the vibe on and off.  The vibration is a steady, kind of buzzy effect – very strong.  Then just slide the vibrator into the body of the plug – a little lube is helpful here also, not so much for getting it in, but to make it easier to remove after you use it so it can be easily cleaned.  The plug is somewhat larger than a finger, but the silicone is soft and has some give, so don’t be afraid of the size. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot about the cock ring!  You will want to slip this on first.  The silicone is nice and stretchy, so it will easily fit around your shaft and scrotum.  Yep, wrap the whole package with that cock ring – the silicone will give a nice squeeze to your cock and balls and help keep the blood in your erection.  Remember – bigger, stronger, and harder?  A little lube can be helpful here also. 

ass gasm vibrating cock ring

Then turn on the vibrator with the push button on the end, insert the plug into your eager asshole, and get ready for hot sex and strong orgasms that anal play always brings!  The sensation of this vibrating cock toy in the ass is really amazing!!   The first time I used this I was really impressed by how strong the vibrations are – I could really feel it all through my bottom and the attached cock ring helped to get the vibrations to my cock and balls too. 

My wife could even feel the vibration as I entered her hungry, wet, hot snatch.  Did I mention how hot she gets from anal play in general, but playing with MY asshole specifically?  I like her to help play by inserting butt toys in me.  Guys, take note!  When I come either with a cock ring or an anal toy it is a powerful orgasm.  With the two combined it was really, really hot!  It felt like I just kept coming and coming and coming. 

refresh cleaner for sex toysI have also used this for solo play and found it just as intense.  If you combined this with a stroker or Fleshlight or something like that it would probably kill you!  Just kidding, but I bet it would be very good.

Cleanup afterward, as we have said, is very easy and just adds to how much I like this toy and silicone toys in general.  Pipedreams includes a generous bottle of their Refresh toy cleaner which I used on the plug.  Refresh has a nice, light, clean smell.  It gave a little lather when I used it and it rinsed off easily and completely, leaving the toy in pristine condition. Another fine Pipedream product.  I like this company’s products. 

Well, almost all of them.  The one item which I have found from them that I have an issue with is the enclosed tube of Anal Eaze.  This is a liquid that has a mild numbing agent to deaden the nerve endings around the anus.  I guess this is to help with getting the plug in.  I emailed the company asking what exactly the ingredients in Anal Eaze are, but as of writing this I have not heard back from them.   

Butt play is not normally painful if you go about it in the right way.  Relaxation, start smaller and work up, plenty of lube – we talked about all this.  The problem I have with a numbing agent is twofold.  It numbs the very nerve endings that I am trying to stimulate to excite me.  Also, pain is your body’s way of saying “STOP!!  What are you doing???!?”  If you don’t have that warning from your body you could potentially do yourself harm or injury.  If it’s painful or if it isn’t working one night, back off and try some other time.  Remember; relax, ease in, plenty of lube.  Don’t take a chance hurting yourself or your partner.  Listen to your body, it knows. 

All in all, this is a very nice vibrating sex toy.  I write these reviews as honestly and as critically as I possibly can to make sure you have an idea of how the toy is going to perform and whether it lives up to the company’s claims.  Nothing is perfect, but Pipedream products, Anal Eaze excepted, are always of the highest quality and performance.  They do what they claim they will do and are always very well made and worth the money.  I would 100% recommend them!



Vibrating cock ring – and NON-vibrating cock ring:  Your choice!






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