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Who doesn’t love strokers?  Wait, what do you mean, “What are strokers?”  Strokers are a treat for your dick!  A stroker is essentially a tube you put your cock into to help jerk off.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  It’s like a hand job on steroids.  Who doesn’t love hand jobs?   

Strokers are usually textured inside to feel like a hot pussy. There are some very expensive toys out there made for like this, but strokers are usually very reasonably priced.  They are typically a soft, jelly-like, rubbery material that you lube up and stroke with!  These are a lot of fun.  I have had some very nice inexpensive strokers and some not so nice strokers.  

Let’s check this one out – this is from the Bad Boy Buddies Collection of strokers that is available in LoveWorks collection of sex toys.  This item is called the Body Vagina.  We’ll find out if it’s good, bad or ugly!

The Bad Boy Buddy Body Vagina (three times fast – say it!) comes in a small, brightly colored box, with a picture of a woman on it.  It looks like Jaclyn Smith.  Remember her from the original Charlie’s Angels TV show?  I’m pretty sure it’s not her.  It could be.  Jaclyn, if you are reading this and it IS you, drop me a line – we need to talk.  

The box says the toy has an “ULTRA Springy Succulent Feeling”.  We’ll see about that! It has the reassuring message that the stroker meets regulations designed to make sure that toys sold inbad boys stroker body vagina sex toy review Europe and elsewhere do not have large amounts of toxins, such as heavy metals, that can leach out.  Good to know about something I’m going to wrap around my cock.  

It also states that it contains no phthalates.  These are terribly dangerous chemicals that can make your dick actually explode!  It’s true; I read it on the internet.  Ok, maybe that’s not true, but those types of additives are bad for you nonetheless.  Fortunately the Body Vagina is a safe toy.  The toy comes inside the box nestled in a two part plastic shell and further wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.  

Like I said, strokers are meant to be used to masturbate with.  They can be used solo or you can have your partner use it on you.  This can be just for foreplay or going for the “happy ending”.  I like these in the shower for quick and easy cleanup.  Most of them are pocket size, so they go with you wherever you go.   The Bad Boy Buddies are made from stretchy TPR, thermoplastic rubber.  TPR takes the best attributes of plastics and rubbers; the durability of plastic with the stretch and give of rubber.  This makes the toy feel very squishy in your hand.  Interestingly enough, the toy feels kind of sticky as you hold it in your hand and the tackiness allows you to get a very good grip on it.  It doesn’t leave any kind of stickiness on your hand, though.  

Pretty amazing! The TPR does have a fairly strong petrochemical smell to it.  This is one aspect of these types of toys that I have found to be very common.  They all seem to have a weird smell to them.  It can be very strong at first and this will fade over time, but I could see how it would be a deal breaker for some people.  Even after several washings the smell remained.  Not that it would fill a room with toxic gas and you could smell it from six feet away, but if you hold it up to your nose you can smell it.  

TPR toys should be used with water based lubes for the best results and to extend the life of the toy.  Oil based lubes (ew!) will degrade the material rapidly and silicone lubes may react with some kinds of TPR.  I didn’t want this to melt in a puddle around my balls, so I stuck with a water based lube.  LoveWorks sells many good types of lube and they have some great articles on their website with advice on what kinds to pick.  Check them out.

bad boys strokers body vagina sex toy reviewThe design of the Body Vagina is very unique.  As you can see from the photographs it is shaped like the torso of a woman.  A lot of strokers available are shaped to represent a vaginal opening or an anal opening or a mouth, but this one is different.  

I thought that the torso design might seem a little creepy at first, but as I handled it I found myself getting strangely aroused.  It is just a very friendly, very inviting little “sculpture”.  If you put “her” on all fours, her bottom juts up into the air and her pussy lips are spread wide and ready.

This really was very appealing and sexy to me.  I wouldn’t have expected it, but it was!  

The toy is about four inches long and roughly an inch and a half to two inches around.  The vagina of the stroker is a very tiny hole, about a quarter of an inch, which is ribbed and runs the length of the toy.   The Body Vagina is translucent, so I could see the ridged texture of the tunnel inside the toy.  My wife wondered how I would get my big tool into that little hole!  The beauty of the TPR is that it is very stretchy.  

Time to take her for a test ride.  This is my favorite part of the review experience!  I got a favorite bottle of water based lube and applied this liberally to my stiff dick.  I added a little more to the inside of the toy – you could see it run down the length of it.  I had to take two fingers to stretch the vagina open to get my shaft inside of it – it is VERY tight.  

I started working it up and down on my shaft, alternating long full strokes with shorter quick strokes.  The good grip the toy gives your hands keep it from popping off your cock and jumping out of your hand onto the floor.  Now listen, no one will confuse this for real pussy, but it did feel terrific on my cock!  

This toy wasn’t good, bad, OR ugly – it was f’ing super!  It was so tight and I could feel the ridged texture inside so well that I came really, really, quickly.  She sucked the load right out of me in record time!  I actually moaned out loud, it was so good.  Was it just me, or is this that good?  Well, like I said,

I have had strokers that weren’t so good, so I know the difference.  This one is worth the cash. It was easy and fun to use even as my knees were buckling from my orgasm.  I was standing up at the time using it – lol! 

Another sex toy reviewer wrote about one of the other bad boys strokers here.  See what he had to say!

Afterwards, cleaning up was simple.  I just ran the toy under hot water and turned it inside out to flush out all the lube and “stuff”.  I just keep this in the original box; maybe you would want to store it in a Ziploc bag to help keep it clean.You should always wash strokers before and after you use them.  

The box the toy comes in warns against keeping it with other toys due to a possible “chemical conflict between the two types of plastic”.  So, maybe she doesn’t play well with others. I’ve had girlfriends like that too.  

This is a very good jack off helper; I enjoyed using it very much!

Is this the perfect stroker?  

No.  It has one or two drawbacks.  

1) The first being the smell.  Most of these kinds of toys have that funny smell at first, so maybe that’s not too big a deal.  

2) The other concern is the length of the toy.  Four inches is on the short side, so if you are well endowed your dick will end up coming out the end of the toy.  It’s so tight that it is a good feeling going back in, but it can be a little distracting as you get used to working it on your tool.  I have had longer strokers, and for me personally I prefer the extra length in a toy like this.  

Even with the drawbacks, I would give this an eight out of ten “boners”!  LoveWorks Adult Stores has them for sale, they are reasonably priced, and it works very well.  What are you waiting for?

[EDITOR'S NOTE:  It is unfortunate that some toys have a smell.  But when you aren't reviewing them, you usually don't stick a stroker up to your nose to check for fragrance!  However, there is something else you can do.  We always suggest washing toys (YES, "new", never-used toys) before using them.  After washing with mild soap-and-water, towel dry, and add baby-powder to the outside (these are the same instructions we give to buyers of our more expesive strokers, the fleshlight.  .  Mike, the sex toy reviewer, mentioned that the material was "tacky" allowing you to hold-on better.  That "tackyness" does go away if you wash and powder it the way I suggest, so you need to consider the choices.]


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