Dry Penis Skin Can Be A Sign Of Major Problems

As a writer and sexual wellness educator, I am presented with writing topics that I usually know about and have written similar articles about before.  Today's dear christianne sex questions and answersassignment from LoveWorks Magazine was different.  I had never researched "dry penis skin" and never imagined that it could have serious implications.  That is a major part of why I choose to write about sexual wellness — because it is so easy to learn something new every day.  I certainly did!

Dry Penis Skin – Causes And Treatment
The dryness of the skin of the penis can trigger alarms in a man's mind, forcing him to worry about contracting a sexually transmitted disease or other diseases which may be difficult to treat. However, a number of other conditions, ranging from mild irritations to chronic health problems can cause the penis to become flaky, rough and dry.  This is more uncommon than you realize — but it does happen and men should be aware.

Dry Penis Skin – How Serious Can This Be?
Dry penis skin that does not respond to normal treatment with moisturizers may be a warning sign of an underlying health condition such as diabetes. Men with type 2 diabetes are prone to secondary skin infections such as candidiasis, which can cause the onset of dry skin tissue as well as itching, burning and thick-whitish discharge. Overweight men are particularly at risk for this auto-immune disease, but those unfortunate guys having recurrent skin infections should consider getting tested for insulin resistance.

Sexually transmitted diseases
Dry skin can also be a symptom of several sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes or gonorrhea. Men who are sexually active and experiencing unusual signs such as the skin of the penis coming off should refrain from having sex until they can see a doctor for testing.  

Peeling of the skin on the penis, especially around the head, may be the result of a bacterial infection known as balanitis. This common disease usually affects men who are circumcised and may present as redness, itching, inflammation, burning and a thickened flow, as well as a dry and flaky appearance.

Allergic Reaction 
This is a condition in which the skin explodes into an allergic reaction. Symptoms may include swelling, redness and dryness, with scaling or dry skin tissue. Allergic skin reactions can be linked to other diseases such as asthma or seasonal allergies. Contact with irritants and chemicals can also lead to irritation and dryness, then for men with sensitive skin, it is a good idea to choose natural products for personal care fragrance free.  Also, if you or the person responsible for cleaning your laundry has changed soap products recently, you should consider changing back to the original product to see if the irritations and problems subside.

This is a medical condition in which the foreskin on a man's penis is so strong that it can not be pulled back over the head, or glands. Attempting to stretch the skin can cause pain, irritation, and a cracked or dry look. Phimosis is sometimes associated with balanitis. It can occur in younger children as well as adult men, and can be treated by stretching the sheath gently over time, using a suitable moisturizer, or by means of circumcision.  

In some cases, men will visit a doctor who will (under general numbing of the area) make a very small slide in the foreskin so that it has more room to slide over the head of the penis.  Studies have shown that men with this problem experience very poor sex, but most will not visit a doctor due to the embarrassment of the problem.  According to one study from Thailand, this problem occurs most often in smaller endowed men.

Treatment for dry penis skin
Avoiding dryness calls for proper penis care and good personal hygiene. Wash regularly and allowing the area to dry completely before dressing, can help reduce the risk of bacteria and yeast;  the use of a specific penis moisturizer containing natural emollients and other penis-friendly ingredients can help the skin maintain its natural lubricating properties and ensure soft and flexible tissue that responds to Tactile stimulation.

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