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best sex with bullets and best lubes

They make things look so glamorous and dreamy on the big screen, but as most of us know: having a healthy sex life takes work, dedication, and even then, one can encounter an emotional roadblock.  That’s because most of our idealized visions of sex are just that — they are in our own minds and do not account for our partner’s feelings of pleasure and confidence.  

Instead of shooting for perfect, passionate soap opera-style sex, you must get out of your own head and start shooting for something realistic to achieve the best sex feelings.

It’s not just you
Sexual hang-ups and set-backs are normal.  Don’t let adult productions or fantasy films make you feel like something is wrong with you or that you don’t deserve to dear christianne sex questions and answershave the best sex you can on your own terms.  There is actually plenty of research that has been done on the subject of idealized sexual performance issues.  

Whether they are unhappy with themselves or their partners, it’s the immense pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations while missing the real reason they are having sex in the first place—to make each other happy—that’s causing them to miss out on the best sex of their lives.

Peer Pressure
Young people in college are especially vulnerable to performance anxieties and the feeling of unworthiness because they aren’t in athletic shape, they don’t have the face of Ryan Reynolds, or just because they get made fun of by their friends about the types of partners they are attracted to.  

Whatever the case may be, the real obstacle is created in the mind and must be countered by acceptance and the will to improve yourself and get close to your ideal sex life.

Let go of Ego
The number one thing to remember is to not hang yourself over small sex bloopers or taking too long to perform.  The best sex is never pretty or perfect, it is raw, natural, and instinctual.  You must learn how to listen to your body and your partner’s.  Communication is imperative if you want to get better at something, sex is no different.

Get out of your own head, get into your lover’s, and you’ll soon figure out exactly what makes them tick.  Once you’ve nailed (literally and figuratively) their orgasm, you’ll naturally become more confident.  This doesn’t have to only apply to steady or long-term partners, it works for one-nights, too.  

Just get into the habit of talking and encouraging commands, so that you’re not just wasting time and energy on whatever looks good or feels good to yourself.

Get "help" for the Best Sex
Sexual Wellness store such as LoveWorks train employees to be able to help you address concerns, problems, or other issues that prevent you from having the best sex possible.  In so many cases, adding a sex lube decreases any pain experienced, and subsequently increases the pleasure that both partners feel.  And buying a sex lube is an easy first fix.

Learning your partner and understand what makes them "pop" will also help you create the best sex experience.  In studies across the internet, a huge percentage of women do not orgasm through intercourse only — a fact that is lost on men.  She is more likely to experience an orgasm either through (good) oral sex or with the additional of an adult toy.  

Those in the early stages of a relationship usually do not consdier adding a sex toy to their activities because it might be considered "too soon".  But we suggest the opposite theory to couples looking to improve the odds of orgasm through intercourse.  The best selling and most common sex toy in the world is the "bullet", and part of that reason is its flexibility and non-threatening appearance.

The adult store and sensuelle
Why do we suggest a bullet?  When a bullet is added to sexual intercourse by placing on the woman's clitoris, her chance of having an orgasm (or multiples) increase dramatically.  The bullet adds the best of both words — she knows she can orgasm with a vibrator; and he is able to continue intercourse and provide her with the orgasm that was lacking.  

When choosing a bullet, look for one with a powerful vibration; that does NOT use watch batteries; and has a variety of functions.  There are a few that we suggest the most, including the Sensuelle Point (SEX TOY REVIEW HERE; and PRICE HERE) and the Turbo 8 (COMPARISON REVIEW HERE and SALE PRICE HERE).  

Hands down, these are our two best selling bullets.  The Sensuelle Point Bullet is amazing, with multiple speeds and patterns of vibration, no cord, very powerful vibration motor, and fully rechargeable.

The Turbo 8 has been around for a dozen years, and is one of our most powerful vibrators, working off 4 AA batteries in a wired/corded battery pack.  

The "best sex" is possible.  Even with good sex, these sexual wellness products can help to elevate your sexual satisfaction and your partner's to the next level.




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