Bad Boys Masturbator Will Be Your New Favorite!

Bad Boys Masturbator Body Anal

When I received the Bad Boys masturbator Buddy, called the "Body Anal", it is kind of small but it is fantastic. I was entertaining a couple friends so I decided to get the toys out to have fun.

We found out that this small Bad Boys masturbator has a lot of stretch and a lot of texture inside. Since there were 2 guys and one gal, we let her have control, and the first toy she grabbed was the little pink Bad Boys masturbator.

She lubed up my cock first and slide it over. I have to say it felt great. She then grabbed her boyfriends cock and pulled him up to the action.

She lubed him up and slide it off of me and onto him. I stepped closer and as she would slide it off of him it would slide onto me. We are both well-endowed and at one time we had our cocks side by side inside the Bad Boys masturbator.Bad Boys Masturbator Body Anal

She had no problem getting us both off and it felt amazing!!!

After we cleaned up a little I got into a 69 with her and he came up behind me to let her play with his cock as she sucked mine. He actually slid the masturbator back onto his cock and was using it and rubbing my ass.

With the Bad Boys masturbator being 4" long he had the head of his cock through the end and was penetrating my ass. Well we found out that the Body Anal is also a massive cock ring and it made him feel even bigger inside of me.

She actually started taking pictures of the action and I can tell you it made her hot. With him using it as a cock ring, when he exploded inside me, it was intense and powerful. I had never had more fun with a masturbator before. And I used it as a cock ring when I fucked her in the ass, and I can tell you it will be used over and over until it is worn out. 

I recommend this toy to any man that wants to have some explosive fun. 

It came in a plain white discreet package and was sealed very well. Cleanup is very easy and it does not have an offensive odor like some latex or silicone products have.






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