Wedding Sex Rituals: Sex While Wedding Party Watches!

wedding sex rituals exhibitionists in china

Surely, China will be the last place you’ll find surprises hard to come by. There are a thousand ways a wedding ceremony can become weird, but trust me, not the way I am about to tell you. Wedding sex rituals aren’t uncommon around the world. It is not unusual to think about sex during a wedding ceremony, it is usually the cherry on top the wedding ceremony, but of course, it comes at night or some intimately private space and time. However, the guests at a Chinese wedding were already gushing about the sex life of the couple, even more than the newlyweds. So much that they would urge and cheer them into having sex right at the wedding venue before the eyes of all the guests. I don’t know if that’s a new kind of crazy or romance, but I know some people who prefer crazy romance. As far as wedding sex rituals go, this has to be the most extreme case. You don’t think having sex at your wedding party is too much, do you? So here’s how it went down.

The information age coupled with all the smart gadgets around these days meant that the act couldn’t stay private for too long. Not long after the hot episode, a shocking video emerged in which the wedding sex rituals of newly-wed Chinese couple featured them being cheered and urged to get out of their ceremonial clothes and do – “you know what” — before the guests that were present. You think maybe everyone had too much to drink? Well, whatever it reason, the video showed guests and friends leading the couple towards a bed. Wait a minute! Did they bring a mattress to the wedding? I’ll just continue with my story here.

Either the wedding guests were drunk over the top or the couple were too hot, but the guests wanted to see them get to it before the show was called off. One of the guests is caught on camera shouting, “You climb onto his body now!” after being apparently dissatisfied with the hug the couple shared.

The female guests were featured helping the bride get on to a more sexual position around her husband. She was probably shy because some other woman would ask, “Are you two even attached to each other?” In Chinese language of course.

The faces of the couple showed they were perplexed, but they wouldn’t want to be party poopers at their own wedding party. So, they get under the duvet and pretend the rest of world was nonexistent. That’s some wedding sex rituals young couples might want to engage in.

The wedding guests obviously felt like seeing a sex scene as they would incessantly attempt to get the covers off to see how it was all panning out – and to prove whether it was real or fake.

This is by far the weirdest wedding party recorded in China, but maybe it is so, because in China, newlyweds are occasionally made to play wedding sex rituals at their weddings.


[EDITOR'S NOTE:  After this story was submitted, we were notified of a related story that we had missed.  In the new story, located here, bridesmaids are often stripped and partially "molested" during some of the wedding "games" at Chinese weddings.   There are also professional "bridesmaids" (aka: prostitutes?) available to "serve" at the wedding and to take on many of the duties of the wedding.]


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