I Gave The Pipedream Glass Dildo Icicles 37 A Workout!

pipedream glass dildo 1 icicles 37 anal sex toy

Psst… can I tell you a secret?  I love butt toys.  Not an earth shattering confession, it’s true, but it’s our secret, right?  I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of it.  It’s not “dirty” or “gay” (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  I’m not sure why I think I need to keep it secret.  Okay, I’ll admit it out loud – “My name is Mike and I love butt toys!!”  There, it’s out.  No more secrets.  Whew. 

Now, for all you guys out there who shivered or looked away or are getting ready to click to another web page, hear me out.  You’re really missing out.  If you want to get the most out of your bedroom adventures, then this is an avenue which you should explore.  Your anus and the surrounding areas are PACKED full of nerve endings.  These are very close to the nerve endings in your dick and balls and sack.  In fact they are all very closely related.  Surprising, huh?  But it’s true. 

Stimulation of your butthole can add tremendously to your sexual enjoyment. Okay, so maybe you are just curious.  Maybe you start off solo, maybe you approach your wife, or girlfriend, or significant other with this idea.  Maybe you are already an old pro at ass play and just wanna see what I got for ya today.  Whatever the reason you are still reading this is, I think you will find it interesting and informative.  All you need is an open mind and slightly opened anus.

The staff at LoveWorks Sex Toys knows all about toys for your bottom.  For him, for her, for them, for us, for me, for whomever you have in mind. Not only do they sell hundreds (thousands?) of sex toys that can be used for anal stimulation, but they have also provided many interesting articles on the “how to” aspect of toys and anal sex and stuff.  Click HERE for many helpful anal articles.  Don’t be afraid!


pipedream glass dildo 1 icicles 37 anal sex toyI love anal toys, (did I mention that?), and the toy that I have for reviewing today it the Pipedream glass dildo – Icicles No. 37.  I’m more impressed with Pipedream glass dildos as an adult toy company with every product of theirs that I use.  The quality is always top shelf and their toys ALWAYS perform as advertised.  No surprises from Pipedream.  If they say something about a toy you can believe it! 

The Pipedream glass dildo Icicles box is very attractive.  It is a stark black and white with beautiful pictures of the toy on the box.  The front opens up, book style, to reveal the toy nestled inside.  There is some kind of magnet or something, so that the cover sort of snaps closed when you shut it.  Really a nice package.   It would be a great gift box to present this toy in and could be used for storage. 

There is a cellophane cover over the Pipedream glass dildo and to get it out you have to open the box itself.  The dildo is tucked into a sturdy foam block to keep it safe during shipping.  Sharp eyed readers will see that it is called a “massger” on the front of the box.  I think they mean “massager”.  Very nit-picky of me to point that out.  I say this only to note that this was the ONLY fault I could find with this product! 

There was a note inside encouraging buyers to register their toy with Pipedream to get the 60 day warranty coverage.  While the box would be good storage, it can be a little bothersome to take in and out, especially if you use it often, so I keep mine in a small cloth drawstring bag to keep it safe from chips or scratches.

pipedream glass dildo 1 icicles 37 anal sex toyPipedream glass dildo toys are amazing.  Glass is a terrific, safe comfortable material to use for sex toys.  Items were found in Roman times that were most likely dildos (!) made from glass.  They would have used soda glass, which is prone to breakage.  Ouch! 

Today’s modern Pipedream glass dildos are made from tempered borosilicate glass, which are very strong and very resistant to breakage.  If it should ever break (from being dropped, these will NEVER break in ordinary use) this type of glass will break into large chunks rather than ten million tiny shards. 

Glass is 100% body safe and completely hypo-allergenic.  No questionable ingredients to worry about. 

pipedream glass dildo 1 icicles 37 anal sex toyThe entire line of Icicles toys (by Pipedream) are all hand crafted and they are really beautiful to look at.  The Pipedream glass dildo No. 37 is no exception.  The body of the toy is a deep, opaque, shiny black color, while the ring shaped handle is clear glass.  The toy has an enlarged head, not scary big, around an inch and a quarter, a little wider than my thumb.  Then it narrows to the shaft which is ringed with little bumps for stimulation.  They are awesome! 

Overall the Icicles No. 37 glass dildo by Pipedream is just shy of six inches long with an insertable length of four inches.  A pretty good size for a newbie, though you may want to warm up with something a wee bit smaller.  Glass will not compress at all.  If you have used a smaller toy in your ass and it was rubber, or TPR, or silicone, or something like that, there would be a little give to the toy and you might not get as much stretch as the stated dimension.  You will get all of the stretch with glass!  There is no give.  This size certainly won’t break anything on you if this is your first time. 

The toy has a flared base and then the ring shaped handle for manipulation and retrieval.  A flared base is VERY important for anything that you might be tempted to put into your bottom.  This base assures (haha, “ass”-sures!) that the toy will not become lost in your butt.  That would be awful.  So remember, for anal toys, a wide base is good. 

pipedream glass dildo 1 icicles 37 anal sex toyThis Pipedream glass dildo sex toy is beautifully crafted – it is absolutely mirror smooth and has no blebs, or mold marks (hand crafted, right?), or any rough surfaces.  You don’t want rough surfaces coming into contact with your sensitive bottom!   It is completely non-porous, so it won’t absorb any odors and it will never stain.  Because glass is so inert you can use whatever lube you want with glass toys – water based, silicone lubes, and hybrids – these are all safe for glass.  If you are new to lube there are several good lube reviews available on the LoveWorks website. 

The toy can be heated with warm water or cooled down in the refrigerator.  The glass will hold that temperature for quite awhile.    

The glass sex toy itself is very easy to keep clean.  You can use diluted bleach (10%), or toy cleaner, soap and hot water, probably even Windex (don’t use Windex, I’m kidding!).  The point is that this material cleans up easy and comes out very, very clean.  You could even run this through your dishwasher, top shelf please.  Although you might want to skip the dishwasher if you are teaching your kids to unload the clean dishes, or your mother-in-law “helps” often with kitchen duties! 

These toys can last forever with a little care.

I love butt toys, so when it was time to try this out I was very excited.  With any anal toys, or any kind of anal play at all, good lube is important.  I like the feeling of fullness and the stretch of my butthole I get from anal toys when I masturbate or use them in love making sessions.  The tip of the toy is gradually tapered so that it glides into your eager ass smoothly, rather than seem like a battering ram at the castle door.  The initial *pop* when the larger head of this toy goes in is great!  Then your butt muscles pull the toy in and contract around the shaft.  This is way better to experience than to read about!  Words cannot describe it fully. 

As the shaft of the Pipedream glass dildo gets worked in and out the little bumps stimulate the nerves (remember those?)  in and around your sphincters and surrounding areas.  This kind of butt play makes me get so much harder than I usually am.  My wife loves it when I put it to her with one of these toys in my bottom.  Our foreplay sometimes involves her doing the actual insertion and manipulation – in and out – until I get so aroused I just jump on her.  It really makes her hot to work me with it, too. 

When I use this by myself, I will work the toy in and out as I masturbate.  When I come it is really hard – a great orgasm!  The Pipedream glass dildo – Icicles No. 37 is a very well made toy that can be used by anyone.  My wife loves dildos.  She will use them in her ass, or her pussy and she likes to rub her clit with them.  Men and women can both enjoy the pleasures of dildos anally to add to the excitement in the bedroom.  Don’t be afraid to try anal toys. And don’t keep it a secret!



pipedream glass dildo anal sex toys





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