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jimmyjane form 2 clit vibrator


Would you believe me if I told you that some toys have won awards?  Like actual awards, multiple awards at that.  Years ago, when I first heard that there even was such a thing, I thought it was crazy and laughed.  Now I know better than to laugh, those toys are for real.  It's a huge selling point to keep up with awards a product has won. 

It ensures that it is a great toy, and I'm not making this stuff up for a sale.  So today’s sex toy review is the JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator has actually won awards such as #1 Sex toy of the Year, Spark Award, Good Design Award, and the International Design Excellence Award, (IDEA).  Not to mention it is talked about in countless magazines!  I previously wrote about the JimmyJane Form 5 here if you would like to compare sex toys!

JimmyJane Form 2 Clit Vibrator

jimmyjane form 2 clit vibratorThe JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator looks like a little faceless bunny head.  That actually sounds a lot creepier than it is, I promise!  The entire thing fits into the palm of your hand.  The little ears on the JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator are completely flexible, and make for some pretty creative play.  Each ear have their own separate motors located inside of them, so they are pretty powerful.   The entire toy will actually vibrate, not just the ears.  The whole thing vibrating is pretty unique, and it offers four different vibration modes, and five different power modes. 

I am sure you are asking about the ways I have used the JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator that were worthwhile?  If not, I'm still going to tell. πŸ˜‰  It is fun to use for clitoral stimulation.  Like I said the ears are flexible and the entire toy vibrates.  I mostly use by putting my clit directly between the ears, then pinch the ears together to make it a much more snug and direct sensation.  There is no avoiding the intense orgasm I will have this way. 

While doing this I am holding the Form 2 by the ears, so the body of the vibrator is actually vibrating my labia as well.  It is an all-around stimulation you don't want to miss.  Also if you want to give yourself more of a teased feeling, you can caress the outer vagina with it.  Just use the ears to stroke up and down on your labia with the ears occasionally making contact with your clitoris.  Then finish in the way I previously explained. 

There are a few ways I like to use the JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator, if I have a partner available.  Because it is palm sized, and made from a very comfortable medical grade silicone, (the material is 100% body safe, as good as it gets), I'll place it my hand, while vibrating, and cup the testicles.  This gives my partner a lot of pleasure, concentrating the vibrating on his testicles.  You can do this during a blow job or fore play.  Either way, the man sure won't complain.

jimmyjane form 2 clit vibratorSpeaking of foreplay….those ears on the JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator are a lot of fun.  You can use them to caress each other's body and then slightly squeeze those ears together in just the right spots.  So have the Form 2 vibrating and glide it over the body.  Once you get to places like the nipples or ears go ahead and give those ears a slight little squeeze, but not too hard.  Or do squeeze really hard, just depends on what you like.  πŸ˜‰  It can turn what you thought was going to be just another average sexual encounter, into something a bit more playful and exciting.  I'm telling you, foreplay goes a long way!

The best part about the JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator is that it really is 100% waterproof.  You can use it in any of the ways I described, or get creative and discover your own ways in a pool, bath, or hot tub.  Just make sure all parts are dry before placing onto the charger. 

jimmyjane form 2 clit vibratorThe Form 2 is soooo quiet!  I am always looking for quiet toys, and this one absolutely met my whisper quiet expectations.  It also makes for a great travel buddy.  Not just because it is quiet, but it also has a travel lock.  So when you are going through the airport with it in your bag, no one is going to hear something randomly vibrating against all of your other belongings.  It is safe to pack without worry. 

JimmyJane believes in their product so much that they actually back it by a three year warranty.  That is pretty cool.  It is becoming more and more common to find a toy with some type of warranty through the manufacturer, but three years is impressive.  They are really telling you this is a higher quality sex toy. 

The last thing I am going to tell you, is that it is rechargeable.  JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibrator has a high performance lithium ion battery.  The crazy thing is that this amazing sex toy has been known to run for five hours on a single charge!  However, I will say kudos to the person who can last five straight hours with this thing, and we need to be friends – you already sound cool in my book!  Lol.

As you can tell I enjoy writing these sex toy reviews.  Probably enjoy them too much!  But, work is work; oh well, SOMEBODY has to do it.  To learn how other sex toys compare, please read my other sex toy reviews!  

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jimmyjane form 2 clit vibrator








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