Hot Nipple Suckers And Nipple Erection Rings Toy Review

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I have never been really into the nipple suckers & nipple play much – till now. Mainly it is because I’ve got huge breasts, and little to no sensation. So you can imagine my thrill when partners would be fixated on them, and I’d literally get nothing out of it.

I remember once making out with a guy after his young cousin he had been babysitting had left, leaving the Disney channel on.

I remember this well because he was attached to me like nipple suckers the ENTIRE duration of “Bee Movie”. For the longest I just spaced out and thought about how Seinfeld was one of the most overrated shows ever, and Jerry Seinfeld is NOT funny.

Anyway, after I left feeling like I had breastfed a 29 year old man, I started to look up ways to heighten sensation. Lol. If I had even gotten slightly aroused (or he had realized I wasn’t into it) it could’ve ended with a happy ending for us both. But nooooooooooooooooooooo.

Google (a gift I appreciate daily) showed me a link where piercing had increased sensation. So, I got them pierced. HOLY HELL you don’t know pain until you carry DDDs that are trying to heal around. Ladies, I salute you. You’re troopers! The first time I opened the freezer, I almost dropped to my knees in tears. Lol

I kept the piercings for about 2 years before removing them, and now my nipples are perma-erect. However, the sensation isn’t always there. *sad face*

So I tried something way less painful, and purchased the Cal Exotic Nipple Suckers Bulbs. A rubber ball with a plastic “vacuum tube” you place directly over the nipple and squeeze, the suction forces the nipples to become erect. ANDDDDDDD It increases sensitivity.nipple suckers clamps constriction rings

The package includes 4 mini O-rings you slide over the plastic tube, and once your nipple is erect you can slide the ring onto your nipple. This is the part I enjoy the most, the pressure. The throbbing makes you aware of them, and only then is every touch amplified by ten!  These nipple suckers worked and that was no joke!

I typically like to do a PRO/CON list but there is NO CONS. It’s the perfect size, perfect price, and its such minimal effort for an amazing feeling!

nipple suckers bulbsA few customers have shared their complaints about these nipple suckers with me.  One felt that the hole to insert your nipple was too small for her nipples; and the other felt that the depth didn't work for her long, extended nipples.  I didn't experience either of those issues.

I thought about trying the nipple suckers on my clit, but I got a little scared at the suction power these bulbs have.  Maybe one day I will get a little more of an experimentative feeling and try it on other body parts!

And less invasive than being 24 and getting your stuff pierced lol.  Plus, this is a great option for those who don't (or can't) wear metal nipple clamps.  These pass through TSA security with no problems. 🙂

These nipple suckers are 

definitely a buy!!!





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