Your Room Color Affects Quantity & Quality of Sex!

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Quick question:

How many times a week do you have sex on average?

If it’s more than three, do you have a purple bedroom by any chance?

A study conducted by Littlewoods, a home and fashion retail company in the UK, found that your choice of room colors has a genuine impact on how often you get down to business and your quality of sex.

Yep. Paint & Quality of Sex

Coming in at the top spot was purple, which corresponded to an average of 3.49 sexy times a week.

So it seems that despite everything we’ve been taught about red and black being the sexiest colors were a little off.

Despite losing out on the top spot, red did come in second place with a score of 3.18 times a week.

Red light districts get their name from the association of red with sex, danger and excitement. It’s not just made up either – colors have a demonstrable impact on behaviour and mood. Our theory is that whilst red does indeed inflame the passions, in a long-term relationship sex is more than just a wild fling – so a more relaxed, less intense purple contributes to ‘lovemaking’-style sex more often and apparently increases the quality of sex during those increased sessions.

So if you’re with a regular sexual partner such as a girlfriend, husband or something similar, purple would be the best way to go when redecorating. If you’re more like Joey from Friends, then red might be better.

And if you were wondering what the worst possible room colors are when it comes to having high quantity and quality of sex are, it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking.

Grey comes in with a dismal 1.80 average. We were a little surprised to find that the second worst paint you could choose for your room color was actually green.

Green is the least stressful color for your eyes to look at. It’s almost like it doesn’t exist, and has a very calming influence on the mind. Beige and Brown also come in very low, with 1.97 and 2.10 respectively.

Perhaps this is why I’ve always found it so difficult to get freaky in a forest.

So what can we take away from all of this?

Well it seems that a choice of purple paint for your bedroom colors is definitely the way to go. A red room can look a little overwhelming, so it’s much easier to persuade a partner to go along with your choice without revealing your ulterior motives.

The massive difference between the amount of sex you’ll end up having in a purple room over a grey one also suggests that the quality of sex is increased too. After all, we do things we enjoy more often than the things we don’t. It seems that purple is actually making the sex you’re having better.

It could just be that people who like grey are as dull in bed as their preferences suggest, but the more likely explanation is the impact of color on your mental state.

So the next time your partner starts to get on your case about redecorating, perhaps it won’t be such a bad thing after all.  


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