Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cock Cage – 2 Thumbs Up!

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Cock ring, cock cage, sleeves, testicle cuff – all items designed to wrap around your tool to enhance your sexual pleasure and performance.  I love ‘em!  These toys help me get the most out of my cock.  Some are difficult to use, some can be kind of hazardous if used incorrectly (!), some are easy and soft, some are hard and rigid, with vibes, balls and cock, shaft only, large, small – the choices are nearly endless.  

A quick peek at the web page of LoveWorks Adult Stores will confirm this.  I have about a half dozen of rings and cock cage of different varieties, and so I am able and willing to share my experience with you, to help you understand these and make an informed decision.  

Why use a cock ring or cock cage?  

There are many good reasons.   Well, first off they help slow the draining of blood from your erect cock, meaning that you will have c ringz cock cagean erection that lasts longer.  They can provide a feeling of tightness and engorgement.  Your dick will not only look bigger, it will BE bigger when you wear one of these.  

A cock cage can help to delay orgasm and when you do go – wow – you will know the difference.

The ring I have today is the Ultimate Couples cock cage.  This is an item in Pipedream’s line of Fantasy C-Ringz toys.  Pipedream is a very well know name in the adult toy industry and I have used their products on many occasions and have always found them to be of very high quality.  

cock ring cock cageThe unique aspect of this toy is that it has not one, but TWO vibrators.  One external to “tickle her fancy” and another that rides on top of your shaft and inside of your partner to give you both some added vibe action. 

This toy is simple to use and has a diagram on how to wear it on the back of the box.  The box is nicely done in various purple shades (the toy itself is purple) and there are instructions and some cautions printed on the label.  

Opening the box reveals the contents wrapped in plastic bags.  There was the toy itself, a controller with the attached vibes and a sampler of Pipedream’s toy cleaner and lube.  What were NOT included were two AAA batteries.  Fer shame, Pipedream!!  In very tiny print, on the bottom of the box, is where this information is.  I kinda expect toys these days to come with batteries, maybe that’s just me.  

[EDITOR'S NOTE:  99% of all toys sold do not come with batteries.  The only exception would be toys that require round "watch" batteries usually will have them included in the package.]

Ok though, if you don’t include batteries with the toy then put that info on the front of the box where it is easy to notice.  Good thing I had some batteries on hand – lol!  Under the battery cover there is a little diagram showing how to insert the batteries and there is an O-ring to help waterproof the toy, so make sure to screw the cap on firmly.  

Once I put the batteries in the cock cage toy we were ready to test.  My wife was holding the two vibes in her hand and when I turned cock cage sex toyit on she actually jumped!  They are very strong for their small size.  The two vibes have to be inserted into the holes in the toy, one into the clit tickler and one into the body of the cage.  Here a little lube is helpful also.  

When you remove the vibes to clean after use do not pull them by the wire.  You can push from the other side to start it and then grab the body of the vibrator.  Once the vibes are in the holders on the cock cage, and the batteries are installed you are ready to go.   

The material of the toy is Pipedream’s “Elite Silicone”.  It has a very nice supple, soft feeling to it.  This is important for things that I will wrap around my cock.  Silicone is an excellent material for sex toys – it is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, has no phthalates or additives, and is easily cleaned.  Silicone can be boiled, bleached with 10% bleach, run through the dishwasher, soap and water, toy cleaner, whatever you have.  

The controller is hard ABS plastic which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, but no solvents on the plastic, please.  The controller is easy to figure out.  There is an on/off switch and a vibration selector switch.  It has five different settings for vibration.  

The first three are simply increasing vibration strength.  The fourth is a strong constant pulsing and the fifth is a variable strong pulse.  Gotta keep clits happy!  The cock cage toy is well designed for its use.  It is a smaller item, being only 2.25” long x 3.5” tall, but it packs a lot of punch into it.  The rings are very stretchy and will easily accommodate most dick sizes.  

The manufacturer says that the toy is waterproof and can be used in the shower.  Is that true?  Well, for my LoveWorks readers I will cock cage sex toysget to the truth!  So, right now, the toy and controller are sitting in a bowl of water.  I can happily report that after the last 15 minutes in the water the toy is still going strong.  Shower, tub, lake, anywhere you want to play wet, this toy can handle it.  Pipedream does offer a 60 day product warranty and they encourage you to register your new toy at their website to get this coverage.

Enough of this babble, Mike, does it work?  How does it perform?  Does it live up to its claims?  I can say for sure, yes, it does.   The cock cage is easy to use.  Just slide your wand into the holes all the way to the base.  A little lube can help here.  You do have lube, right?  

Then carefully stretch the bigger ring around your scrotum and balls.  The package says the material won’t stick to hair or skin.  Seems smooth on skin, but I shave pretty close so I can’t say anything with regards to hair.  Be careful not to yank those tiny hairs out.  

With everything seated and in position I fired it up. The second ring of the cock cage out on my shaft really helped to keep me hard.  She even happily noticed that it actually made my cock larger. 

Now, cock rings won’t give you an extra three inches or turn you into the Hulk, but it does make your cock more engorged with blood so it IS bigger and your hard on is much harder.   I love the feeling of the vibes on my cock and balls.  

We have used rings with clit vibrators on them before, but this cock cage really “shakes things up”!  On to the test.  I love my job.  
I slid into my eager wife and got a moan out of her.  She was into it.  The vibes were still strong, although the toy did somewhat dampen the strength.  She loves the feel of this on her clit as I rode in and out.  

She has said before that the shape of some rings can be painful if thrusting is too hard, but this one felt nice and soft.  The thumb shaped clit vibrator was a hit with her.   She didn’t notice the internal vibration so much, but said it was because the other vibe was so strong.  I could feel it rocking on my cock, though.  

After a few minutes, she wanted to roll over and be on top so she could “hit the spot just right”. Yeah, baby!   She then proceeded to grind away on me and work it to the just right spot.  She really liked it.  It didn’t make her come as quickly as her favorite vibe, but was still very good.  She said the vibration was more of a high, buzzy vibration than a lower pitched rumbly vibration, and she really liked the pulsating setting.  She gave it a seven out of ten.  She has a “clit o’ steel”, so that says a lot!  

I loved the vibration and when I came it was very strong.  The tightness of the ring helped to intensify my orgasm.  I seemed to come and come and come.  This is why I love cock rings and cock cages. 

The toy came with a sample of Pipedream’s lube, called Moist, and a sample of toy cleaner.  The lube was very, very good.  It was long lasting and slick.  It was a water based lube.  Only water based lubes should be used with silicone toys, forget silicone lube or hybrids.  Sometimes they are ok; sometimes they will melt your toy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  

Cleanup of the toy was a breeze.  Since it is waterproof, you can run warm water and lots of good soap over it right in the sink without worrying about hurting it.  We didn’t try out the toy cleaner on this occasion.

cock cage sex toysIf you have never tried a cock ring or cock cage, but are curious, this toy would be a great place to start.  It’s reasonably priced at LoveWorks Adult Stores, made of safe material, is easy to use, and works like a champ.  Your woman will love this.  

If you’re like me and you have experience with these toys, you will not be disappointed with this one.  It is powerful enough and has enough squeeze and tightness to really satisfy.  

This type of ring with stretchy material is very safe to use.  If worse came to worse and you panicked somehow, you could easily cut it off.  No embarrassing trip to the emergency room to cut a steel ring off of your endangered dick.  

In this age of lawyers and lawsuits Pipedream does list some warnings on the back of the box.  They caution users that, “Prolonged and frequent use of penis enhancing devices may cause ruptured blood vessels, hemorrhage, and hematoma formation.  

These devices can also aggravate existing medical conditions such as Peyronie’s disease (I had to look that one up – it is an unnaturally bent penis due to scar tissue formation – ed.), priapism and urethral stricture. Penis enhancing devices should always be used with discretion.”  

That’s some scary stuff!  But relax, unless you have one of these medical conditions, this toy is going to be very safe to use if you are sensible about it.  If it hurts, take it off.  If your dick turns blue or gets cold, fer cryin’ out loud, take it off!  Don’t wear it for six hours; 30 minutes or less is usually recommended.  

And don’t do anything to the cock cage to make it tighter.  You wouldn’t twist rubber bands around your cock until it screamed, would you?  Be safe, be smart, follow directions and use a little common sense and the Ultimate Couples Cock Cage will keep you and her smiling for years to come.

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