Pipedream Extreme – And The World’s Biggest Dildo (Hint: Not Talking About Trump!)

world's biggest dildo vibrator pipedream extreme

The holy grail of sex toys has been found.  Yes, it’s the world’s biggest dildo, and it’s truly majestic to behold.

A U.S company called Pipedream Extreme unveiled the King Cock late last year.  The aptly named dildo stands taller than any man, although it seems doubtful that they would need to be concerned.  

The problem with the King Cock is that it’s not feasible to use.  The world’s biggest dildo is over 12 feet tall, and the girth is similarly impressive.  

The monster member took over three weeks to construct, and has less in common with sex toys than a small building.  The general shape comes from a series of aluminum panels, which is covered with rubber and painted.  


Pipedream Extreme was inspired to build the King Cock for ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo) after having similar success with a previous design that featured an entire wall of vaginas.  Fuelled by the gleeful thrill of being the creators of the world’s biggest dildo, Pipedreams wasted no time in contacting the Guinness Book of World Records to lodge their claim to fame.  Unfortunately, the record hasn’t been officially entered into the books yet.  

This hasn’t damped Pipedream Extreme's spirits, who are now considering new ways to push the limits on sex toys.  

But what does this mean for those searching for the biggest dildo they can find? 

No matter how extreme your tastes get, you’ll eventually run into a hard limit on how much your body can take and still have a pleasurable experience.  Dozens of dildos are available that cater for the size queens and kings.  Promotional pieces like the King Cock are fun, but don’t give you many ideas on how to go on to find the right sex toy for you.  

Instead of searching for the world’s biggest dildo, consider how other qualities of a sex toy can lead to greater satisfaction.  The King Cock uses rubber for the outer casing, but have you considered a glass dildo? They’re just as safe, and the difference in texture and the possibility for some truly unique shapes makes them great for finding something new.  

For inspiration from Pipedream Extreme, they’ve been playing with ideas for the world’s largest vibrator and squirting dildos.

So if you’re still stuck thinking about the physical dimensions of a dildo when you buy it, you shouldn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger.

For the record, although the King Cock is currently thought to be unusable, it’s being taken on a tour of similar exhibitions to ANME and will be arriving in sex-liberal Germany.  It remains to be seen whether anyone can conquer the King Cock.  

We aren’t betting it’ll happen anytime soon.

On the other hand,
when you are ready to buy






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