Torture Or Tickle: Master Series Transfix 10 Reel Dual Pinwheel


Whether you’re a seasoned BDSM player, or a kinky novice exploring the fetish world, a pinwheel is one of the best sensory tools you can have in your toy arsenal.

This timeless toy provides all the stimulation that you’ve come to love and expect from a pinwheel, but with 10x more reels!

All the pinwheel I have encountered have been a single row of pins, and all have been metal.  I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical when I read this particular version; the “Transfix” which is made from a body-safe ABS plastic.  I anticipated the Transfix would feel cheap and break easily.

pinwheel bdsmI was pleasantly surprised.  There are 2 separate rungs of pins, each in a row of 5.  They spin 360 degrees, and feel very sturdy when held.  I’ve owned a few metal ones, and when used the wheel sometimes wouldn’t stay straight while in use, when pressure was applied it would become kind of wobbly.  This is very upsetting when I’m attempting to make a fun design on someone’s bottom! Lol

The Transfix Pinwheel is durable, and easy to handle.  The 360 flips make sure the loving sting never stops, and continues on the path you’ve set.

I could literally play with this for hours, I enjoy the sensation and the fact it looks like a medieval torture device.  Lol

(A little history on this delicious device)

Most Pinwheel are referred to as “Wartenberg Pinwheels.” Invented by a Belorussian Neurologist named Dr.  Robert Wartenberg, he created this to test skin reactions.  Sometimes a patient being able to unable to feel sensation in certain places can help determine where nerve damage end or begin and may help further diagnose any connecting issues.  These pinwheel are still used in modern medicine today!

I wonder when the crossover came into the BDSM community? Hmmmm.  I’m going to have to look into this.


pinwheel bdsm wartenberg




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