Does First Anal Sex Hurt?

does first anal sex hurt

 "Does First Anal Sex Hurt?" is one of the most "googled" sex questions on the net, so we decided to ask Madame Red for her response, as well as any helpful tips she could contribute






Madame Red -- The Goddess of all things Sex -- LoveWorksMADAME RED REPLIES:

"It really depends, each experience is different. Most people complaint that first anal sex hurt for them, but my general opinion is no, especially with the 3 important things.

1- Lubrication- Your anus does not produce lubrication the way a vagina does, so extra is always needed. Lubrication eliminates uncomfortable friction, and protects the sensitive anal walls. Read the posts here on LoveWorks about anal lubes to choose, and about using anal beads.

2- Stimulation- No matter what you see in Pornhub, 99% of the time you cannot just walk up and put it in someone’s butt. (if you’re able to do this, kudos, I’m not judging. Go you!)  Sexual stimulation long prior to the back door entry, will help relax muscles in the pelvic region and you’ll be more open to things going on. (or in if you want to be literal)

3- Consent- When I say open to, I am meaning wanting to. You genuinely have to want to be present in this experience, not just doing out of pressure from a partner. As a friend once told me “Nobody knows a liar like your asshole.”

If you begin this process and at any point feel like you don’t want to continue, its best to stop. Just because you agreed to any sexual act does not mean you have to continue with it if you feel you’re uncomfortable.  First anal sex takes patience, time and comfort with your partner.  

If you are tense and unaccepting of this form of penetration, it is likely your first anal sex will be painful. So take things slow, there is no rush in pleasure, get to know that part of your body better. Amazing orgasms are to be had!  Good Luck!"











  • Daniel

    So are you telling me the butthole is a lie detector?

  • Paula

    I think it is really gross, but still kind of appealing; my boyfriend wants to try and I'm up for new things … but what is holding me back is the smell.  I'm scare to death that I will look down and see poop on his penis while he is fucking me and I'm not sure I can handle that.  I've read about an enema but it seems to weird to go and take an enema just for sex.  I'd be more willing to experiment if I could deal with this issue.

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