Magic Wand?  You Betcha!  Hitachi Wand Attachments for HIM

hitachi wand attachments vibra cup head stimulator

So who here hasn’t heard of the “magic wand”?  Hitachi is probably the most famous of this type of massager and with good reason.  The Hitachi is an excellent product, but we have one of the original Fairy Wand Massagers.  The Fairy Wand is a Japanese made product – and who does over the top sex toys better than the Japanese!  These are both very (VERY!!) powerful wand type massager/vibrators that plug into the wall.  There are no batteries to ever fail.  Ever.  Until the zombie apocalypse.  

These two brands and others are amazing wands, but the market has been flooded with cheap knockoffs which will burn, explode, and otherwise fail.  Buyer beware.  The original Fairy Wands are difficult to find nowadays, but the Hitachi Wand Attachments, more commonly called the Magic Wand Original, is a very close second and is readily available at reputable sex toy stores such as the LoveWorks Store for Sex Toys.  Don’t try to save a couple of bucks buying from a shady EBay seller – you’ll be sorry.  

If you have ever used the Hitachi Wand on your wife/girlfriend/main squeeze you were probably as amazed as I was.  These things make the ladies have orgasm(s) FAST and FURIOUS!!  Even if you have only watched your lady use one or have seen a video, you probably wonder what the fuss is all about.  Does this thing work?  Is it really that good?  How does it make her scream so loud?  If you are as curious as I was as to the legendary power of the magic wand, I offer you a ticket into the world of stunning powered orgasm.  

Hitachi Wand Attachments

hitachi wand attachments magic wand vibra cup head stimulatorStep right up and behold the Vibra Cup Head Stimulator.

The Vibra Cup is an ingenious masturbation device designed to be used with wand type massagers.   I love to masturbate.  I’m a happily married man in a monogamous relationship who has a very active sex life.  I still love to rub one out.  Jacking off has never failed me in many decades of practice.  

While dating, while single, while married, it makes no difference.  Even a hand job from my wife now and again is great.  I have tried many different ways to jerk off.  Plain hand, with lube, strokers, from women, outside, quickie, on cam, etc. and all methods of touching myself are good. 

However, the Hitachi Wand Attachments are AMAZING!!  The toy is designed to fit over the head of the wand.  Then it’s just a matter of adding a little lube of your choice and firing that wand up. This can be used solo or you can have your spouse, girlfriend, significant other or whoever, help you with it.  You just slide the head of your cock into it and go. More on this later!

The Vibra Cup Head Stimulator, know hereafter as” the toy”, is the best of the Hitachi Wand Attachments and is made of a material called TPR.  This is thermoplastic rubber, and without getting too technical, it is a stuff that combines the best qualities of plastics and rubbers.  The toy itself is a softer form of TPR that is soft and squishy, but stretches very well.  Whether you’re hung like a moose or a mouse you could still use and enjoy this.  Most of us are probably somewhere in between.  

The cap of this is designed to stretch to fit over the end of your wand massager, and it is stretchy enough to easily do this.  Some users have reported that this will fall off the wand, but that has not been my experience.  The tunnel (I don’t know what else to call it – dick hole?) sits perpendicular to the wand on top and this is where the action happens.  The tunnel itself is close ended and about three inches deep.  

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  The Vibra Cup was the most well-known of the Hitachi Wand Attachments, but just like everything else in this industry, competitors have released similar products into the market.  Compare the Vibra Cup to these open ended wand masturbation attachments.  Click here]

This is really a penis head stimulator, rather than something like a stroker that would be longer or open ended.  Don’t worry – it’ll be all good.  The tunnel itself is lined with dozens of fingers of the same material that are about 3/8 of an inch long or so.  The whole toy measures about three by three and one half inches, so it’s easy to stash.  Of course you DO need the wand, so it’s not too easy to carry around in your pocket, I guess.  

tsa fondles fliersIt might be fun to have the TSA people at the airport pull this out of your carryon (with the wand!), but I have a strange idea of fun. "Sir, are these your Hitachi Wand Attachments? We'll need you to step over here."  Just kidding, don’t cause any trouble at the airport.

Here I am, then.  The toy mounted on the wand, wand plugged in and ready to go.  Oops, first a little lube for the toy.  It might work without it, but I haven’t tried it dry.  I like my penis too much.  If you use it dry let me know how you make out.  

The great thing about this material, the TPR, is that it is not at all fussy about lubes.  You can use water based, silicone based, saliva – whatever your favorite slick stuff is.  A quick word about lube.  If you need some, buy some.  And get a good one.  Don’t be cheap here – it’s your cock fer crying out loud!  

Please also forget about salad oil, or shortening, or WD40, or butter, or motor oil – these are not good ideas.  By the way, there is a reason dollar stores have cheap prices, so don’t buy lube there.  Just sayin’.

A little water based lube then, inside the tunnel and a little on my member and away we go.  Stuffing my rod into the toy was an interesting feeling, very pleasant.  You could put the toy in warm water to heat it up first if you wanted to, but I was in too big of a hurry.  We have the Fairy wand, so it has a variable power switch.  

Your rotate a wheel to turn it on and as you turn the wheel the vibration power increases.  Switched on and on low – WOW – this thing made me jump!  It feels really awesome!  You can rotate the toy to turn on your knob and you can work it up and down a little bit.  I turned the power up to about half way – OMG.  

Before I knew it I was blowing my load into this thing and had to pull out because the sensation was too strong on my post-cum cock.  It was unbelievable how fast this toy had gotten me off.  After a couple of minutes I was hard again and decided to give it another whirl.  vibra cup head stimulator hitachi wand attachments

Ordinarily I can have an orgasm and be ready to go again in a very short time.  Usually it takes me far longer to cum the second time.  While I usually don’t masturbate twice so close together I thought I would try it again.  A touch more lube and here I go.  

I could not believe it.  Once again this toy had me cumming with a shout inside of a couple of minutes.  My legs were weak.  My balls ached from it.  I wondered how many times I could get off with this, but stopped at two.  Maybe when I get braver I’ll see how many I could get. 

If you don’t want to be finished in 90 seconds, you can just dial back the vibration and last much longer.  Sometimes I like to go up high and then back way off teasing myself and prolonging the experience.  

Rotate it on your cock, thrust it on and off, power low, power high – this does not get boring. Used alone or with a friend this satisfies!  Both her and him.  If you are into more exotic S&M this could be used as a forced orgasm device for men.  

Cleanup of the Vibra Cup Head Stimulator and all of the other Hitachi Wand Attachments was a breeze.  You can just use warm water and soap or any good toy cleaner.  The tunnel part can be turned inside out to allow you to clean the inside really well.  No one needs old spunk in their masturbator.  

TPR is a somewhat porous material – somewhere in between jelly toys (which can be like sponges) and silicone toys (which are very non-porous).  It can be cleaned very well, but not really “sterilized”.  Do not boil or microwave this to try to sterilize it.  Your toy will melt.  No bleach or Windex or Kryptonite – this material will absorb these things.  Then it’s tough luck for you Superman!  
I would not suggest sharing this with another person unless you knew them very well and would be willing to fully exchange bodily fluids with them.  

For storage you have to be a little careful with TPR materials.  They can be reactive with other TPRs and some jelly toys, so if you don’t want your toys to fuse into one big glob you should store them separately.  A small cloth drawstring bag would be ideal.  As lint free as possible, maybe a nice red silk or satin.  

Did I mention that TPRs are world champion lint collectors?  Oh yes they are.  Hair, dust lint – anything around will be attracted to this, so it is a good idea to rinse this off before you use it.  Warm water is nice.

All in all this toy is amazing.  The Vibra Cup Head Stimulator is a remarkable toy attachment for your vibrating wand.  This is very nice to use solo if I want a quickie.  Or solo if I want a longer session – maybe come a couple of times.  Or to have my wife use it on me as part of our love making.  You get the idea.  Plus you should look at the other Hitachi Wand Attachments for her pleasure!
I don’t have a lot of experience with high end masturbators, I’m sure they are very good, but for the money this toy gives a LOT of bang for the buck.  If you already have a wand then this is a no brainer.  BUY IT!!  If you like masturbating as much as I do, but don’t own a wand; buy them both!  You will not be disappointed.    








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