Shots Hiky – Pink Clit Vibrator Is Heaven!

shots hiky clit vibrator sex toy

So at first glance I had no idea what to think of the Hiky Clit Vibrator.  It kind of looks like one of those old Viking drinking horns, but in pink! Lol

The super silky silicone is very appealing and the vibration super quiet. I honestly hadn’t paid close attention to the description and assumed it was just another silicone vibrator, until I finally did zone in on the title.

“Vacuum Clit Vibrator and Stimulator.” Immediately I needed a closer look. I had completely overlooked the base of the toy, there’s a thin white line and begins the suction area. The very bottom is pink with a little circle opening, also coated in silicone. It’s rechargeable, and plugs in the back of the toy through a seamless opening, which closes back up after charger removal.

The controls were kind of confusing for me to learn at first but once I unlocked hiky clit vibrator sex toythat magic panel, I was blown away by this brand new clit vibrator.

Top Button -1 with a ~ over it. This button controls the vibration of the clitoral suction end of the toy.

Bottom Button -2 with a ~ over it. This button controls the vibration of the insertion end of the toy!

Left button- A controls the suction pattern of the clitoral piece.

Now I’m sure if you’ve read about my opinion about the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Womanizer, you know I’ve been up in arms that no one has come out with a decent clit vibrator & suction toy.

I mean, how hard is it to create a REALLY good clit vibrator?  Really!

There’s like 500+ versions of toys to mimic oral for men, how hard should it really be to duplicate that technology for women? The clitoris enjoys a lot of the same stimulation as the penis, and its 100x smaller! Lol

*end rant sorry*

Anyway, the Hiky’s clit vibrator and suction capabilities would make me deem it the Sasha Grey of vibrators. Lmao

Just placing this toy on my hand left a red suction ring, the vibration is absolute heaven. I’m beyond impressed with this toy’s capabilities. It can be used internally for penetration and vibration, externally for vibration, externally for clitoral suction/vibration.


  • Silicone
  • Water Resistant (Not to be confused with water proof)
  • Rechargeable
  • 10 Functions
  • Quiet (Internet reviews claim its loud, but I will politely disagree)
  • In Stock


  • Its price. Over $100.
  • Extremem weakness in the knees
  • Not seeing your family for days
  • Calling in sick to work








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