Satisfyer Pro 2 Clit Vibrator vs The Womanizer Sex Toy

satisfyer vs the womanizer sex toy

The first time I saw the Satisfyer Pro my first thought was “Someone already tried to rip off the Womanizer sex toy.”

However within minutes of actually holding it in my hand I noticed noteworthy differences, to start the Satisfyer feels much sturdier. It is much easier to hold in comparison to the Womanizer, because the Satisfyer offers a handle style grip compared to the Womanizer sex toy which is more palm held.

I was given the Womanizer sex toy as a gift, I wasn’t super excited because the suction was barely noticeable on my hand. My friend told me “You don’t need to notice it now, when you put it on your clit you’ll notice.”

Well I didn’t, I was equally disappointed then as well. So with that in mind the Satisfyer Pro didn’t really give me any excitement at first, that was until I turned it on and placed it to my hand.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Pressure Wave Clitoral Vibrator

satisfyer vs womanizer sex toy clitoral vibratorFirst, the Satisfyer Pro has FUNCTIONS! 11 to be exact. (Womanizer has 8). These functions are the typical low-med-high, and pulsing variations.

The suction is superior to my experience with the Womanizer, the cup used for suction is a snug and comfortable fit. The vibrations go from mild to OMG in about 2 clicks for me. >.<

The tip is made from medical grade silicone (just like the womanizer), latex free (just like the Womanizer) and its magnetically rechargeable (womanizer has a charger).

The only downside to the Satisfyer Pro 2 is that it does not have a warranty like its competition, and is only available in 1 color currently.

However, the Womanizer retails around $180, and the Satisfyer Pro 2 is at $79! I think it goes without saying that I can sacrifice a color variation option and warranty, to get an equal/better orgasm at half the cost!








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