To Trinity Lutheran School of Racine Wisconsin

trinity lutheran sextoy

March 25, 2017

To:  Principal Pamela Amling, Trinity Lutheran, Racine

To:  Pastor (or Reverend) David Gehne, Trinity Lutheran, Racine



LoveWorks has been in the sexual wellness business for more than 25 years.  We continue to see the names and the descriptions of the products we sell and their acceptance become more and more mainstream, appearing in every major national and local publication.

Twenty-five years ago, the word "sextoy" or "dildo" would NEVER be front page on any news media worth talking about.  But things have changed.

And things have changed because of people like you.  Your need for sexual repression has taken on new levels by confusing a child calming water toy with a sextoy — and suspending a 12 year old girl in the process.  I'm sure right now you are feeling the sting of social media and the rest of the traditional news media.  How many calls for interviews did you get by the way?

Now the unfortunate student, and all her friends — and I assume, every student at Trinity Lutheran School of Racine — now knows what a sextoy is.  They now know what a sextoy does.  And they know that it isn't okay with the Lutheran agenda. And they will never forget that they learned about a sextoy and a dildo from the principal of their religious school.  

And now when you search google for Trinity Lutheran School of Racine, you are presented with stories of sextoys.  

We don't sell or market to children.  But what you have done for us is to teach the parents of these children and millions of others about the products we sell – because this story is now in the households of parents around the world — BECAUSE OF YOU.

In the confrontation that occurred at the basketball game, it was made clear to the mother what these "dildos" were.  Unfortunately, her first language wasn't English, and it took even more effort for you to teach her what a dildo was.  Good job, by the way!

Oh, and yes — it was a confrontation.  The POLICE were called!

We hold private age-restricted classes to teach women what a sextoy is; and what a dildo is; and what the products are used for.  You held a class in public, attended by parents who would likely not attend our classes to learn about sexual pleasure.  And you held class in front of their kids.  I wonder how they feel about that?

And for that, our hats off to you.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Most Sincerely,


(not the only one teaching sexual expression and the acceptance of sextoys)


PS:  We still agree with the father that you should both be fired.


lutheran sex dildo sextoy






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