The Sextoy Girl Is How She is Known Now

the sextoy girl

I'm planning to post this in the "chatty nonsense" section rather than sex in the news … only beause I don't have a section where I can talk about how we have lost our f*&king minds as a country.

We allow others with warped views to control what we see, say, think or do.  And it doesn't seem like those who are against this control can — or will — say anything.

Take the story of 12-year-old Francis Habeck.  She was humiliated and shamed by the principal and others of Trinity Lutheran Church and School, and accused of selling a sextoy.  Oh, and she was suspended from school!

So the 12-year-old asked what any child would ask when accused of something they don't understand: WHAT IS A SEXTOY?

Search google for "sextoy girl".  Guess what the top 10 replies are?  Yep.  12-year-old and known as the sextoy girl.  Thanks Lutheran Church School!  

Francis was selling a 5-7" long tube, commonly called a "water snake".  It has been used to keep kids calm and focused, by allowing them to use some of their uncontrolled energy to squeeze the calming toy.

They are also known as "wigglies" and "water-filled stress toys".  

From Amazon:
"My 8yo daughter has ADHD and Autism so I bought this for her to take to school to help ease her through her sensory challenges. She loved it."      and

"It's great. My daughter loves it. It keeps her entertained in school to focus better."

Francis obtained permission from her teacher to sell the items at the school between classes.  In a press release, Rev. David Gehne disputes that the child had permission and states the opposite "NO permission was given for toys to be in school under any circimstances".

Habeck said his daughter first discovered the water snake at her Sunday school, where it was used to calm an autistic boy who was agitated. He said she bought a box and got permission from her homeroom teacher to sell them at school.

Rev Gehne also adds that the problem arose because of parents and others complaining about the "sexual overtones" of the toys.  [Sexual overtones?  Obviously someone is suffering from sexual repression when a toy designed to calm children with too much energy has “sexual overtones”].   (his statement is here:

Are you kidding?  A water filled squeeze toy used to calm children has sexual overtones?  Oh wait, this is the Lutheran Church School, I almost forgot who I was talking about.



As you read further into this nightmare, you find that School Principal Pamela Amling search the girl's locker and found the toys.  

sextoy girl water snake wigglies dillies dyllies dillysThe toys, manufactured under the brand "Dillys".  And it appears the sexually frustrated principal interpreted that to be "dildos".

Francis' dad says:
"Amling [the principal] appears to have interpreted “Dillys” or “Dyllies” [the correct brand spelling is in question] to mean dildos, or penis-shaped sex toys, and that his daughter and her friends had no knowledge of the word."

The principal accused the 12-year-old of selling a sextoy in front of her entire basketball team and other parents attending the game.  The basketbal coach corroborated what happenend at the game between the principal and the student.  Other teachers however, are afraid to step forward for fear of contradicting the principal.

The father is pissed — and he should be.  He sent his children to a Lutheran school — and what did they learn?  WHAT IS A SEXTOY!

"In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy, this is a water-filled bag.

"The spirituality of that place is busted!" "Something's got to change there".

"My prayer remains that this school, the leaders at this school, repent," Milt Habeck said."

Of course, they all need to quit or be fired.

Now, I doubt the family wants LoveWorks to get involved, but here is my offer.  Tell me how many snakes were seized and how much Francis lost because of it and I'll send a personal check to cover her loss.  And I challenge other stores to do the same.

I searched for the original "vindicate Francis" blog entry and could not find it.  Maybe someone can add it to the comments if they find it because I wasn't successful.

So like I said when I started this post:  As a country we have lost our f*(king minds. ūüôĀ







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