The Launch Of A Sex Doll Into Space

launch of a sex doll into space

To go where no sex doll has gone before!  That is the mission.

Here’s a random guess, the last time NASA forces made it to space the single guys probably complained there is a lot of lonesomeness in space.  Well, the complaints have not fallen to deaf ears, because CNV has taken up the task of launching a sex doll into space.

Missy, the inflatable lady, was launched into space by CNV.  The company is known as a large distributor of sexual wellness products on the planet Earth, and its little surprise that the sex doll, Missy, was launched into space around Lake Tahoe, California.  Missy seemed to be in a hurry to meet up with her date in space as she elevated at about 1,400 feet per minute.  She climbed as high as 100,000 feet (almost 20 miles!), at a time when some of us haven’t jumped as high as a meter. 

While she must have had a ball gazing at all her admirers from such a height, she met a sad end.  Missy popped when the altitude got to 102,000 feet and seemed to be in even more hurry coming back down than going up.  The story gets sadder as Missy was torn apart into shreds on her flight down and there were little pieces to pick up of her remains.

The doll weighed 4.5 pounds and contained 300 cubic feet of hydrogen.  Missy had many accolades to savor from her short-lived journey into space.  The sex doll averted extreme temperatures of about -70 degrees Fahrenheit, cosmic ray radiation, and high-energy particles from other solar systems.   Missy’s encouraging performance will serve as a springboard for improvements if the guys at CNV intend to send Missy’s sisters for a launch.

Maybe if the Missy project is perfected we will have more astronaut volunteers.  You must think it’s pretty weird to render any form of resources into sending a sex doll to space, but opportunities could be exploited if this comes through.  If you know what I mean.

Can you picture a summer holiday in space with your hot girlfriend girl (Or toy girl)? Well, if your girlfriend is too scared to make the space ride you could stuff a sex doll with hydrogen gas and let her meet you in space.  If you are into the fetish of counting weird sex venues, meet Missy half way and add “space” to that list.



launch a sex doll into spaceLooking for your own sex doll to launch into space?  We have quite a collection – including some male dolls.  

But as you can see by the picture on the left, as soon as we asked for volunteers to go launch into space, there was a shocking silence.  

Just look at the expression on this poor girl's face at the thought of going into space.  Don't worry, we told her we were just kidding after that.  šŸ™‚






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