Vibrating Butt Plug Gives CHP A Scare

vibrating butt plug anal experience

The California Highway Patrol had the shock of their lives when they arrested a 60 year old man with what appeared to be a bomb hidden in his anus.

The man had parked in a prohibited area, and when officers contacted him they began to suspect him of more than just illegal parking.

A quick examination of the man’s vehicle lead to the discovery of a quantity of methamphetamine – a drug known for causing reckless and dangerous behavior in users.

Following the discovery, he was brought to CHP offices in South Lake Tahoe, and the situation quickly escalated, necessitating the need for a rapid evacuation after evidence came to light that the man may have been carrying a bomb discreetly tucked into anal cavity. The officers were alerted to this fact when they noticed he was carrying a trigger with a wire that trailed into his pants.

More alarmingly, the man began to discuss explosives and weapons in detail – showing off an intimate knowledge of their use and construction.

Naturally, in an age where domestic terrorism and the ever looming threat of mass destruction keeps our security services on high alert, the CHP wasted no time in calling for support and ensuring that nobody would be in the vicinity in the event of detonation.

The CHP were not amused when the suspected bomb turned out to be a vibrating butt plug.

Whilst this seems like a funny event, it brings to light the dangers of using sex toys such as a butt plug in public. Although someone may be innocently (or not so innocently depending on your viewpoint) having a pleasurable anal experience and enjoying the fact that nobody else can tell what they’re doing – it only takes a small amount vibrating butt plug public anal experienceof suspicion for such an act to be wildly misinterpreted.

So if you’re determined to use your very own vibrating butt plug – don’t be so stupid as to start chatting about bombs when you’ve got a wire leading into your butt!

In fact, it seems like sex toys such as vibrating butt plugs and dildos often cause bomb scares.

Do your part to help our security services and make sure that anything which could vibrate or otherwise be mistaken for an explosive device is packed away securely and turned off until you’re in privacy once again!

But before you go – would you ever have a public anal experience? Or worn a vibrating butt plug or other toy in a public situation?  There’s a thrill of doing something so naughty in plain view without being caught to be sure. 







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