Alpha Male Gets Caught In-The-Act Having Sex With Pitbull

alpha male sex with a pitbull

At the point when individuals discuss how "love knows no limits", and that it is "more than a man and a lady", is this what they mean? Sex with a Pitbull? But as of yet, gratefully, this kind of self satisfaction is as yet viewed as well beyond those of ordinary manner of thinking. Reinaldo Diaz was captured and set up for the Bullock County Jail on a charges of savagery, pitilessness to creatures and third-offense public indecency. Diaz had been indicted twice before public indecency.

An alpha male with a deformed nose was seen engaging in sex with an animal outside without trying to hide while it was drizzling.  And even more surprisingly, this is happening more frequently.  

Georgia police have arrested the man on a charge of bestiality because he was supposedly caught on video having sex with a dog outside a home. 68-year-old Reinaldo Diaz, very obviously an alpha male and a Statesboro resident, was arrested after police were informed by neighbors that he was seen stripped behind a living arrangement engaging in sexual relations with the black & white pitbull.

As indicated by police, when officers landed at about 4:40 pm, they saw Diaz having sex with the male pitbull. Examiners at first met the witnesses that recorded video and took photos, indicating Diaz ambushing the dog that was innocently relaxing on its back on the rainy night.

The dog's proprietor is a lady who is related to Diaz by marriage and lives by the suspect. Police stated the pitbull was not harmed in the attack. The creature was given back to its proprietor, who was ignorant of the sexual acts conferred by Daiz.

Diaz, whose nose looks extremely distorted because of some obscure condition, got arrested and set up for jail at Bulloch County on embarrassing charges including bestiality and animal cruelty (for sex with the animal) and public indecency for the third time.

Police said the pit bull was not hurt in the strike (althought it is unkown if the pitbull's pride was damaged!). Diaz was caught and set up for the Bulloch County Jail on a charges of cruelty, viciousness to animals and third-offense open irreverence.  Who else by a true alpha male would penetrate a pitbull?

As per records, Diaz had been indicted before for open profanity.

Only a figure on my part, yet I think this lost soul has been living alone too long, and needs some sort of contact, particularly with a therapist. Anybody that sinks to this level at this age needs attention. I trust the state of Georgia discovers a way to help this person, for as we as a whole know things, for example, this can prompt a further stride in his disorder. What do you think?

alpha male sex with a pitbull

So I wonder if pitbulls talk about and compare their previous lovers also???  Do they expect flowers?  Calls in the morning?  Do they get mad when they find out it was a one-night-stand?  I'm sure their self-esteem takes a hit when they are told that it only happened because HE "was drunk".  Have there every been any puppies born from human-dog copulation?  Does a pitbull orgasm?  Ok, I'll stop now. 🙂









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