Über Dick: Penis Enlargement Injections

micha stuntz penis enlargement injections

Have you ever heard of Micha Stuntz, the man with the 7 pound penis?

It’s not just women who like to increase the size of their assets with a little cosmetic surgery anymore. Micha Stuntz, a 45 year old German man has enlarged his penis beyond any normal human proportions.

At the last count, it was over 9 inches long, nearly 4 inches wide and weighed more than seven pounds.

We’ve all heard the arguments about whether size matters, but are penis enlargement injections really worth it?

Micha makes a proud display of his monster member at his local gay festivals, where he feels most comfortable expressing himself. But in other areas of life, it’s not so simple.

There’s the issue of trying to find underwear and pants that fit for a start. Specially made fetish wear is an option, micha stuntz penis enlargement injections 2and Micha certainly seems to enjoy the attention they can bring – but this is only for events. When it comes to regular day-to-day life, things can get a bit more tricky.

Micha Stuntz admits that he’s more introverted than you might initially suspect, so he tries not to draw attention to his enlarged penis. How successful he is at this is another story.

But hidden behind the general hilarity of this cosmetic surgery is a story that will be familiar to anyone who’s had enhancements of their own.

Micha’s fascination with penis enlargement started with pumping. He soon discovered that he felt much more at ease with himself – and became determined to find a more permanent solution.

Since then, he has had multiple penis enlargement injections using a high quality medical oil. The decisions were spurred on by the realization that he no longer had to accept the body he was born with, but the one that felt right.

This raises the question of just how much pressure is put on men to feel that they are packing the biggest meat. Everywhere you look, whether it be ads for Calvin Klein underwear or porn, men with smaller penises – or even just average – don’t exist. The only time you will come across it in the media is to make fun of the unfortunate fella. But the question remains: is it worth penis enlargement injections of silicone into the most sensitive part of the body??

Still, Micha Stuntz seems to be happy with his new package, even if it does cause a few difficulties in the bedroom. The size has stopped him from having regular sex!  Thankfully, he’s found a way around that by exercising a little creativity when it’s time to get intimate. He also claims that it’s helped him sort out those who are really interested in him as a person and those who just see his huge penis.

Although it’s not the world’s worst screening tactic for avoiding one-night stands, it seems unlikely to catch on.

Then again, in an age of constant pressure to be perfect, perhaps Micha Stuntz won’t be the last to go to such extreme lengths.

Would you consider surgically enlarging your own penis? Leave and comment and let us know!


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