Swiss Navy Lube: Best Sex Lube Or Not??

swiss navy lube best sex lube water-based

The next of the trials we performed to find the best sex lube was Swiss Navy Lube, an all natural water based lube.  Glycerin free, paraben free, made in the good ol’ US of A by MDScience.  The Swiss Navy lube has a very good reputation in the sex lube universe, and they have been around for a long time.  I know that The Old Guy at LoveWorks has a strong preference for Swiss Navy Lube as well!

The lube came in a 4 fl. oz. bottle with a pump top dispenser.  The labeling was clean and concise and presented the product very nicely.  Not nearly as in your face as “Fuck Water”; but still a very nice looking package.  I mean, remember we are looking for the best sex lube — not 10/40 motor oil!  If your sensibilities are easily offended there is nothing here that will do that.

This was a great container in that it has a pump on top instead of a press cap or flip top.  This made the lube very neat and easy to use.  I wish more sex lube manufacturers would use this type of pump dispenser.  

best sex lube by swiss navy lubeBut there were several things about this package that were not so good.  As you can see in the first photo there was a plastic film cover that had to be removed before this could be used.  It took me five minutes to figure this out.  OK, maybe I’m no genius, but they could have put a little red stripe, or some perforations or something to help me out.

I finally got the plastic off, but the pump wouldn’t pump!  Turns out (see second photo) that there is a tiny image embossed in the cap indicating you need to twist the top to open the bottle.  Here I am trying to find the best sex lube on the market, and I can't even open the bottle!  

When I finally got through all this (phew!) the Swiss Navy Lube bottle dispensed very nicely into my hand.  Not too much so that any was wasted, but little enough so that you would need two or three of four or…..however may squirts you wanted.  Maybe just one if you were going to use it to finger your clit.  You little devil, you! 

The bottle did not have an inner seal, so to get at the contents you could have just unscrewed the whole top.  Maybe not quite as secure as some of the ones with the seal.  There is almost no smell to Swiss Navy and just the faintest sweet taste*.  Neither was very pronounced.  The viscosity of this lube was very, very, nice.  A little thicker than some water based lubes. Around the same consistency as a thick maple syrup – without the stickiness.  Or sweetness.  Or trees.   Yay, Go Green.

The Swiss Navy all natural water based lubricant (they don’t use caps in their name – how humble!) claims to be, well, all natural.  The ingredient list bears this out.  Sometimes less is more.                                      

Swiss Navy lube contains:                                                                                                                                              

  • Deionized Water – Water with salts and minerals removed.
  • Propanediol – Vegetable derived.  Slows loss of water.
  • Xylitol – Sugar alcohol from primarily corn cobs or trees.  I was wrong, there are trees.                            
  • Gluconolactone – Chelating agent from plant gums.  Slippery.
  • Sodium Benzoate – Preservative.
  • Carrageenan – Viscosity increasing agent from seaweed.

That’s it.  All told.  A very neat little list of pretty safe ingredients.  All natural?  By most arguments, yes, this is an all natural product.  

When I finally got this bottle open it was time for the best part – how well does it work?  (I’ve been getting a lot of action during the writing of this review – thank you LoveWorks!).  And as a reminder, there are four parts to this review so make sure you read them all!

It works really well.  It feels great out of the bottle; slick, thick, wet and ready!  I'm not sure I would call it the best sex lube, but I would say it is pretty good.  I understand why The Old Guy likes it so much.

I had just given my wife an excellent oral orgasm (!) and she wanted to give me my turn.  Up on her knees, (I love it like that), she added a few pumps of Swiss Navy lube to my stiff rod, and in I went.  This lube really felt great when I was inside her.  Not too slick, not too thin, just right. (That almost sounds like a reference to Red Riding Hood!) 

One application lasted right up to my finish.  Not to brag, but I’m very long lasting, so that says a lot about this lube.

Overall, I suggest Swiss Navy Lube as a must-own.  It meets all the points that both guys and gals will want in a good quality water-based lube.

* = Editors Note:  The taste of the lube isn't bad; isn't offensive — but it isn't something you would want to intentionally taste.  It is not a flavored lube at all, but you won't go running to the bathroom if you do taste it.








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