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The last of the lubes, a vaginal and anal lube, was from Gun Oil, and was a silicone lube.  

This is another very well know name in adult sex lubes.  Made in the USA by Empowered Products.   Check out their webpage – it’s interesting.  The lube comes in different size bottles; this is the 2 fl. oz. bottle.  This one is a little different in that it is a silicone lube.



Silicone Lube:  What does that mean?  

Well, Gun Oil Silicone lube is non-water soluble for one, so if you like sex in the water or in the shower, this one will stay where you put it, instead of quickly washing away.  Silicone lube s are also hypoallergenic, meaning there are virtually no adverse reactions to skin or delicate tissues.  

Doctors use similar materials for implants in the human body.  They are really safe.  Having said that, this particular silicone lube also has a couple of non-silicone ingredients, so again, check your labels or helpful reviews when deciding on a purchase.  

The Gun Oil bottle is cool shaped, kinda reminiscent of a small artillery shell or large caliber gun round.  Get the theme?  It has a sealed top wrapper with printed instructions on how to open it.  (Are you paying attention Swiss Navy?)  Once the seal is broken the cap pops right off to reveal a press top dispenser.  There is an additional safety seal underneath the cap.  Kudos to Gun Oil for this – I know it hasn’t been messed with.  

And that is important, because no matter what you do or how careful you are, these bottles of silicone lube get messy on the outside, and cleaning them can be quite a feat.
In general, a silicone lube has no taste or smell, but will effectively (VERY effectively) coat whatever you put it on and render it very, very slippery — one of the best selling points for use as an anal lube.  That’s the point, right?  The consistency is like mineral oil – very much like that.  Ingredient lists in this silicone lube tend to be very uncomplicated:                                                                      

  • Cyclopentasiloxane – For smooth texture and even application.  Very slick. Silicone carrier that evaporates.                  
  • Dimethicone – Skin conditioner and protectant.  Again, very slippery.
  • Dimethiconal – Skin conditioner anti-foam.  You guessed it – really slippery!
  • (Many silicone based lubes contain only these three ingredients.  Gun oil adds a couple of others.)        
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – Vitamin E.  Good for your skin.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract – From the common aloe plant.   Slippery stuff and good for your skin.                

I have to admit that I am a big fan of silicone lube.  These are what I usually want to use and this one is no exception.  

These are latex condom safe (like all the water based lubes), but should not be used with porous toys or silicone toys.  No parabens, glycerin, or preservatives.  From hand jobs to vaginal intercourse to anal sex (I think silicone lube is the BEST to use as an anal lube!  Butt toys too!), silicone lubes are my favorite.  They stay slick, slick, slick and they last a long time.  A little goes a loooooong way.  

Madame Red -- The Goddess of all things Sex -- LoveWorks

As Madame Red says:

"Don't use very much otherwise it will be like throwing a hot dog down a long hall"

Another good article on lubes is here.



During sex, there is no need to re-apply Gun Oil Silicone Lube at all.  Hand jobs are awesome!  Toys, fingers, and cocks; whatever you got – will stay slippery.  Your favorite toys will feel better using this as your anal lube of choice.  Silicone lubes also make very nice massage oils.  I really love them.  

Silicone lubes do have several drawbacks, however.  They will stain some fabrics, so test a spot first or put down a towel or a bed tarp or something.  Cleanup requires copious amounts of soap and warm water.  

Silicone lubes are sometimes a little more inconvenient to use so we keep a water based lube on hand for backup when things happen fast.   They can be dangerously slippery if they get spilled on the floor.  Worse in the tub, so hang on!   








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