Ejaculating King Cock Dildo Will Satisfy Your Fetishes

king cock dildo

If you have been looking for something more exciting than the average dong or basic vibrator, but still want something you are able to penetrate with, and maybe not too extreme, I have a perfect recommendation.  The 6 inch Squirting King Cock Dildo made by Pipedream, from their King Cock line.  This is such a fun and creative toy!             

               Pipedream proudly labels all of their King Cock Dildo line as made in the USA, and their squirters as being phthalate and latex free, as well as hypoallergenic and body safe.  The sizes range from 6-11 inches, but I am writing about the 6 inch dong.  The 6 inch Squirting dong is obviously 6 inches long, but 1.8 inches wide.  I will say, I do feel that this is an impressive 6 inches.  The dildo itself looks incredibly realistic, and they paid fine attention to detail.  This bad boy has veins, a realistic head, and a very realistic opening for the "cum" to squirt through.  Yes, as the name indicates, this dildo will squirt a cum-like liquid.  How exciting?!


               Included in the box is the king cock dildo, a bulb for squirting, a toy cleaner, and their special formulated jizzle juice.  The king cock dildo ejaculatingbase of the dildo has a place to insert the bulb, but uniquely designed to where if the bulb is not in place, the dildo can still be used as a regular dildo that is sturdy and sufficient in its purpose.  The bulb has a plug that you un-hook and fill the desired amount of jizzle juice directly into the bulb, then close the seal again. 

               When the time is right, all you have to do is squeeze the bulb, and the artificial semen comes out the hole in the head of the dildo.  Nice, right?!  I have heard the complaint that the plug used to seal the jizzle juice into the bulb comes off once the bulb is squeezed.  Just make sure it is put back on correctly, and just to take an extra precaution, maybe put a finger over it to hold it in place while squeezing the cum out. 

king cock dildoThey included a small bottle of toy cleaner with the Squirting King Cock Dildo, probably to emphasize you want to clean your king cock dildo regularly! For easiest clean up it'll need to be done immediately after each use.  I certainly would not want to wait too long.  If cleaned right away it is rather simple.  Clean up can be done by rinsing the bulb out, and allowing it to air dry.  Then wash the dildo how you would wash any other toy, taking an extra step to run warm water through the toy as well. 

               I am sure your imagination is already running wild with the possibilities of the king cock king cock dildodildo.  For anyone who is big into cum play, this is perfect.  Or for anyone who likes to watch their partner – now they can have a more realistic finish with a dildo that ejaculates.  Cam girls are becoming more and more popular these days.  They make money off of being totally amateur porn stars in real time, online.  A lot of the time they just follow the viewer’s request who pays the most.  Any cam girl could totally benefit from a dildo like this.    They do all of their business based off of visual only stimulation.  This will add an all new way to perfectly time a facial or to give the feel of finishing on her chest.  The versatility of a sex toy like this makes it in demand. 


(Fun tid-bit, I may have used the penis as a pretend telescope in preparation for writing this review.  I couldn't help it.  I am sure my employees will forever be laughing at the fact they saw their boss walking around looking through a 6 in cock.  Oh well?)


king cock dildo








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