The Climax Sextoy — Do You Want The Hard Or Soft Option?


Typically I like to talk people out of buying a more realistic feeling vibrator. They either aren't sturdy enough to be easily inserted, (similar to a limp penis), or you lose a lot of the power because it has a thicker material to travel through.  However, I came across a vibrator by Topco called Climax Skin, (I bought it in pink, but has a pretty purple option as well).  As far as I know, or have seen, even though it is realistic in feel, it is not realistic by look. 


This sextoy totally caught my attention!

               The climax skin surprised the heck out of me.  I was testing some items for the store to ensure they worked properly, (standard procedure – we wear gloves, throw batteries in it, ensure it works, reseal, and put out to be sold.  No, we DON'T actually use them in the "testing" process.), and I decided I needed to purchase this one personally.  I have worked in the industry for a while now, so toys aren't always super impressive to me anymore.  Especially more standard ones that lack a lot of the fancy bells and whistles.  (Then again I really just love most sextoy sooooo there's that too.)  But the fact that this was a more realistic feel, and had sextoyas strong of a vibration was really appealing to me.  It by no means is as strong as a plug in wand or something high powered like that, but it certainly will please a more experienced sextoy user.   

               The Climax Skin sextoy has seven inches to penetrate with and is one and a half inches wide.  I couldn't actually find exactly what material the skin is made of, but I do know that it is made in the USA, phthalate and latex free.  The realistic feeling material is actually a comfortably ribbed sleeve that can be removed. 

This is particularly fun for me, because it kind of made me feel like I got a two for one special, and for a ridiculously affordable price.  If I just want something more direct for clitoral stimulation only, it is easier to take off the sleeve and just use the harder plastic vibe underneath.  If I want something for penetration that is more comfortable and realistic for thrusting, I use the sleeve on the vibe.  The ribbing is ever so slight that you may not notice it while it is inserted, unless you angle it so it caresses your clitoris during use.  Then it is just a perfect sensation full of pure delight. 

sextoy               The removable sleeve also opens the door for other ways to play, other than the hard or soft option.  You can add it to any other hard toy you have.  Maybe you have a much stronger powered one, and your only complaint is that you wish it was softer? Switch it up.  Sharing is caring here.  You can even share the sleeve with your male partner.  Sometimes something different is just wanted.  Have him use the sleeve over his penis.  Just experiment with it and see what works or doesn't work.  The guy wearing the sleeve is going to lose some sensitivity, causing him to possibly last longer.  It'll be similar to just a thicker condom.  Do keep in mind that the more you stretch and pull on the skin like sleeve it may tear or become loose.

               Taking care of the Climax Skin is the same as any other realistic feel sextoy.  After use you need to clean with a toy cleaner, then pat a small amount of renew powder on it after it dries, and store separate from other sextoy.  Yes, a toy cleaner is needed for this product.  Cleaning before and after each use is so important when it comes to very porous materials like this one.  I always get asked if any antibacterial soap can be used.  In some cases I say yes, because it is more important to be using a clean toy than to purchase a toy cleaner.  However, this is a little more high-maintenance of a material, and a more-gentle, special formulated cleaner should be used and not skipped out on.  It is just an extra step you can do to ensure the longevity of your pleasure.

               To operate you will need two AA batteries.  (Always remember to remove batteries from any sextoy after use.) To control the speeds, because it is considered multi speed, you just twist the bottom to the desired speed.  Even though we all know you just crank it to max and have at it.  It's ok, we all do it. 

               Climax Skin is another sextoy that is advertised as waterproof, it even is sold by the manufacturer with a small video clip of sextoyit under the water.  That is fine.  But it is only ok to use under the water like that so long as the rubber ring at the base is in place and not worn out.  So again, I like to say use caution, use it in the shower, not submerged.  Eventually over time, after removing and replacing batteries so many times, that rubber ring gets stretched, and it no longer is safe to use underneath the water.  Always inspect before water play. 

               This realistic feel sextoy is so much fun, and as the newest added one to my ever growing collection, it is satisfying.  I could recommend this to a new toy user trying to experiment for the first time, or to someone who is more advanced and just wants something new added to their collection. 





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